4 March 2015

[Spoilers] Unkind Women Ep 3

Article: 'Unkind Women' Song Jae Rim discovers Lee Ha Na's troublemaker identity.. Is this the start of their romance?
Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+820, -63] He's so freaking handsome.. So cool

2. [+721, -60] What an adorable man Song Jae Rim is!!! His smile is so sweet~~~

3. [+680, -63] Song Jae Rim was so handsome today. Melts. Lee Hana is so pretty too

4. [+677, -69] I like Lee Hana~~~~ She's perfect for this character!!!!!!!!

5. [+159, -29] Lee Hana is so cute for her age. I wish I have a friend like her. A friend that wouldn't ask for a reason if you ask her to accompany you for a drink. I really enjoyed 'Merry Mary' and her drama with Seo In Gook- I hope to see her more on TV

6. [+137, -24] Just look at the way Song Jae Rim smilesㅠㅠ These two match well

7. [+120, -18] So there will be a love triangle betweek Kim Ji Seok, Song Jae Rim and Lee Hana ㅋㅋThis drama is fun

8. [+106, -14] Now I get why people keep talking about Song Jae Rim

9. [+80, -6] I'm watching this for Song Jae Rim but he doesn't have that many scenes. His smile is beautiful

10. [+65, -9] Lee Hana and Song Jae Rim are so cute but is Kim Ji Seok really the main character? Who will she end up with?

Article: Will 'Unkind Women' become first place in ratings? 
Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+938, -112] Just wait. For now,  I'm only watching the episodes online but I will watch the broadcast when 'Kill Me, Heal Me' is over~~

2. [+677, -32] This drama is so good ~~~~ Everyone is so good at acting~~

3. [+193, -22]  Those who were watching 'Hyde, Jekyll, and I' probably switched to this looking at how the ratings dropped to 3.8%

4. [+112, -3] The women in this drama freely express their feeling . It's so fun

5. [+83, -6] I really love Kim Hye Ja's acting!!!

6. [+60, -4] I checked this out for Kim Hye Ja as I am a fan of hers but I ended up loving it because it is well written. Do Ji Won, Chae Shi Ra and Lee Hana's characters are all portrayed with liveliness. Do well with the ratings


KkulJaem said...

This show has already started and is on its 3rd episode!!! I had no clue.
Lee Hana acting turned me off a bit in High School King of Savvy,but for Jae rim i'm considering picking up this drama.Hmm......