28 March 2015

WGM sans Yewon-Henry couple

OSEN - Naver: WGM without Yewon.. The other couples are 'lovey-dovey'

1. [+27285, -1053] Yewon was a sly fox for cosplaying as the victim

2. [+25898, -1313] <Husband Henry who just got home from work> Henry: I'm home.
Yewon: Is it tiring?
Henry: Ah, it's so tiring. You should find a job and earn money too.
Yewon: No
Henry: You don't want to? But it's okay for others?
Yewon: No no.
Henry: Am I your ATM machine?
Yewon: You don't like me, right? Let's break up!

3. [+22008, -1032] Yewon needs to leave WGM or properly apologize to Lee Taeim. If not, just make make another excuse while she's at it

4. [+18578, -676] Henry-ya, you don't like me, right?

5. [+4087, -96] Henry, divorce Yewon and get married to another woman

6. [+4083, -93] She should be aware of how scary viewers can get..

7. [+4082, -88] Take her out of the show. She disgusts me

8. [+3275, -54] Yewon: PD-nim, you don't like me, right?

9. [+3222, -53] This incident has blown up so big that it will be hard to recover her image

10. [+1189, -36] WGM's two troublemakers: Oh Yeon Seo and Yewon.....

11. [+1035, -11] Poor Henry. They should just find him a new partner

12. [+992, -10] I like Henry but it's best for this couple to leave the show


Mymy Park said...

Yewon is the new Clara now lol everything she said/does she get hate

Lily said...

lol yeah, being exposed as a liar will have that effect.

goldenmellow said...

Poor Oh Yeon Seo getting dragged back up. Yewon shouldn't have lied.

mycutybee said...

So low of netz to bring yeon seo up. She only has a bf and she resigned from the show nicely. She stayed low and only became very successful after 3 years from WGM . She didn't hurt or lie like Ye won did. Low people...

도화 said...

So tired of this girl