21 March 2015

[Variety] Please Take Care of My Dad (Lee Ye Rim, Kang Joon Young)

X Sports News - Naver: 'Please Take Care of My Dad', Lee Kyung Gyu's daughter Lee Ye Rim: "He's not good at expressing himself", 'Tears' 

1. [+5480, -114] Be good to your father, Ye Rim-ah. He's not in his best health either.

2. [+3296, -445] She's pretty...

3. [+2150, -168] Ooh!! I've been waiting for this. It's finally here!!

4. [+697, -20] In Secret Camera(?), your dad talked about how much she adores you. Everyone who watched it knew about that. She raised you well so be good to him

5. [+566, -47] Last semester, I participated in the same team project as Ye Rim noona. Her personality seems nice and I only found out through this show that she's Lee Kyung Gyu's daughter. I wish them both the best

6. [+522, -42] She kinda looks like Han Groo

7. [+449, -27] I like her because she's the most honest one

8. [+368, -14] My dad would've been 49 years old tomorrow. I wished this show aired one year earlier. We weren't that close but I was in so much grief when he suddenly passed away.... To all daughters, I honestly envy you. Thank you for this program that teaches us to appreciate our fathers

My Daily- Naver: 'Please Take Care of My Dad', Kang Seok Woo reveals that son Kang Joon Young is a 'Cheerful and easygoing good boy' 

1. [+8022, -150] He is seriously handsome!!!!!

2. [+6736, -230] Ah..... I've met the love of my life

3. [+5336, -100] Totally loveable!! I can see his dad's features~~

4. [+1155, -14] Most celebrities send their kids overseas to study but he stayed here and he goes to Yonsei.. I heard he's a good student and has a good personality too.. The parents in that house are both well-mannered and devoted to their family as I've heard from people.

5. [+1067, -12] He's goes to Yonsei University School of Business.... Daebak

6. [+799, -43] His girlfriend goes to Ehwa University and she's a total goddess... Saw them both in Shinchon and thought they were celebrities

7. [+553, -8] Kang Seok Woo ahjusshi was also handsome when he was young

8. [+346, -10] Da Eun looks like Lee Yoo Ri and the son is so handsome.

9. [+162, -5] He's quite famous in Yonsei Uni as an ulzzang ㅋㅋㅋ


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