10 March 2015

[Variety] 'Where is my friend's house?' releases poster for Belgium special

OSEN via Naver: 'Where is my friend's house?', Poster released for Belgium special 

1. [+3036, -58] I hope Gerniel joins the next special too.. I think he and Alberto are the best. Alberto seems like a very caring person. Aside from having clear pronunciation, Daniel has a wide range of vocabulary and speaks Korean very well. Although the two have opposing opinions, they don't let those inflict them at all. They are always so happy and likeable.

2. [+1988, -27] Looking forward to the Belgium Special!!!

3. [+1799, -27] Alberto looks like he's doing a photoshoot

4. [+1214, -171] I hope Takuya joins too ㅋㅋ

5. [+911, -18] I really have to see this

6. [+472, -7] I envy them so much ㅜㅜ Gotta earn money so I can travel ㅜㅜ 

7. [+344, -5] Alberto's doing a photoshoot

8. [+326, -8] I'm really curious. Alberto has a job but how does he manage to film every week?? Does his workplace give him that much consideration?

9. [+225, -12] Really excited to see Sujan as well. I heard Gerniel is joining the Nepal special ㅋㅋ

11. [+131, -5] So much love for these guys 

12. [+97, -1] I love watching 'Abnormal Summit' and 'WIMFH?'. They should visit the countries of all  of the members

13. [+88, -1] I really enjoyed the China special ㅋㅋㅋJulian's family members all seem so lively when I saw the preview 

14. [+76, 0] Tyler oppa is so cute