31 March 2015

Viewers chose JTBC as the best broadcasting channel

OSEN - Naver: Commission research reveals that viewers chose JTBC as the best broadcasting channel, 'An honour' 

1. [+1670, -80] JTBC is always quick to give feedback and truly knows what viewers want.

2. [+1339, -72] MBC is for sure not the best oneㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+1217, -55] They even canceled the episode of that show that Yewon is in. I like that they're fast at making decisions

4. [+985, -40] It's true that they have higher quality dramas and variety shows than public broadcast. They have fresh and awesome ideas~ I'm looking forward to more from them!

5. [+715, -35] Back then, I only watch 9pm news at MBC..

6. [+277, -29] I used to think tvchosun was a North Korean channel. They do a lot of North Korean-related reporting

7. [+242, -37] JTBC>>>> TVN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Public broadcast channels

8. [+162, -10] Take Care of My Fridge, Family Talk, Abnormal Summit, Hidden Singer are all so fun.  They deliver unbiased news reporting too. TV Chosun always does news related to North Korea and the  anchors yell and are so noisy so I can't watch it

9. [+134, -6] MBC is a channel that promotes the president

10. [+44, -2] When it comes to news, JTBC and SBS are the top


Shai_love said...

I do enjoy jTBC's dramas. I love how they stand behind their work even if it means people won't favorably view it.

kirri said...

I love JTBC's variety/talk shows! I really really miss Shinhwa Broadcast, I enjoy Abnormal Summit and I'm truly looking forward for Crime Scene season 2 (love season 1 so much!).

Merge said...

Do you know when season 2 starts? Admin could you translate news about that

noNama said...

Season 2 starts today! (1st Apr 11 pm KST) ♥

lyra2015 said...

Abnormal summit saranghae

Lauren ♡ said...

will bumdi sub it?

Merge said...

Thank you for telling me ❤️

noNama said...

I'm sorry, I'm not sure about that. But bumdi did sub the promo & the preview. Hopefully bumdi will sub the whole thing too :)

omoooo said...

and mnet too