31 March 2015

Yewon's agency apologizes to Lee Taeim

My Daily - Naver: Yewon's agency, "We apologize for causing a huge damage to Lee Taeim... We are sorry"

1. [+6592, -121] Unni~ you don't like me, right? - 2015's best catchphrase!

2. [+4926, -218] So, are they gonna make her quit now???

3. [+4223, -118] You're so late...

4. [+4255, -1093] Too late. The kind Lee Taeim has already become so pitiful..

5. [+1295, -17] Not the agency but Yewon should personally give her apology!!!!

6. [+1185, -36] Taeim: Hey, it was so unfair for me. You should sincerely give your apology.
Yewon: No!
Taeim: Why is it okay for others to apologize but for you, it's not?
Yewon: No no.
Taeim: Why are you speaking informally?
Yewon: No no. I'm just cold.

7. [+817, -9] Why are you ordering your agency to apologize for you?

8. [+802, -14] Please take her out of WGM!

9. [+720, -27] Bye, Yewon-ah~~~~~~~

10. [+660, -9] Lee Taeim even apologized to Yewon but why is she not apologizing at all..? Amazing.  No wonder she has cheap habits because her agency is this cheap. tsk

11. [+353, -6] Yewon-ah, why don't you do it yourself?


도화 said...

Yewon should apologize and leave her shows too -_-

Nova_REMIX said...

Take her off of WGM. Henry's talented and cute butt deserves better.

ImNotYourUnnie said...

So your a new translating acct?? Does NB know?

choconerd said...

Why should NB need to know???