11 March 2015

Yoona's pictorial for Elle China

Dispatch via Naver: "Now, a goddess of the continent".... Yoona's femme fatale pictorial 

1. [+2319, -353] The first two are okay but then then moment I scrolled down, wow~ As expected of Yoona~ Her beauty just purifies my eyes

2. [+1816, -407] One of the top three beauties of SM alongside Lee Yeon Hee and Go Ara

3. [+1604, -349] Really an SM goddess. She's so pretty. I think Yoona is the representative beauty of idols

4. [+210, -71] I heard Yoona is getting paid 50 million won for her Chinese dramaㄷㄷ So jealous

5. [+183, -66] I'm envious of her side profile in the last photoㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+133, -43] Yoona and Suzy look prettier with lighter eye makeup

7. [+159, -79] So gorgeous.... She also looks amazing in her Innisfree ad....

8. [+135, -70] The photo in which she's wearing blue eyeliner resembles her debut days. Yoona's so pretty ㅠㅠㅠ


KkulJaem said...

very pretty and nice also

Celeste said...

Admin, I just found this site and have been reading through it for the past few days! Thank you so much for the translations!

Also, Yoona looks so lovely and refreshing here. She looks ethereal, like a garden sprite or a pixie.