22 April 2015

2PM's Cosmopolitan pictorial + Junho talks about marriage

Dong A - Naver: 2PM Junho, "I want to spend a long time just as husband and wife when I get married' 

1. [+854, -25] I wonder who will get married first ㅋㅋㅋ  But come to think of it, none of the Shinhwa members are married yet

2. [+651, -18] None of the H.O.T members is married as well

3. [+210, -33] That is a fantasy regarding marriage.. It's no different than being in a war

4. [+146, -13] They all look handsome in the first photo

5. [+138, -17] Their album has topped the Oricon chart in Japan but they should also release an album in Korea. I miss my beastly idols

6. [+121, -14] It would be nice if they continue to promote even after they all get married. Always cheering for 2PM

7. [+117, -15] 2PM has the best visuals in JYP. None of them is plain in my eyes

8. [+79, -15] So handsome. They're all so masculine

9. [+62, -4] 2PM members have always been handsome but they look much better now that they're in their mid-20s

10. [+63, -6] So cool of Junho. Seems like he'll get married early if he wants to spend a long time with just his wife


R.O.S.E said...

2PM has 6 visuals !!!!!

surfinthesasslife said...


justin said...

2pm guys are so different from those typical flower boys that kpop usually present. they are HANDSOME guys while most of kpop visuals are PRETTY boys. they are really unique . alongside big bang ( and maybe infinite ) , they are the only kpop boy band that boys could also stan.

Alisson said...

I wonder who'll get married first too. But they will enlist soon, aren't they? Good luck beastly idols, your fans seems nice and cool, so you'll be okay even you are single or dating or married.

Lovely Bici said...

Handsome and Attractive Boys

77Fluffs said...

Junho still looks like Rain...

kam said...

they are so sexy and handsome. i am so tired of boys here come the real men.

me, exo and our galaxy said...

2pm guys are really cool. i love their bond. it seems so real.