19 April 2015

A look at the former members of 'Infinity Challenge'

My Daily - Naver: Noh Hong Chul, Gil and Jun Jin, 'those guys' you can't hate [10th anniversary special]

note: that guy/those guys - term coined for the member/s who left because  of their scandals

1. [+9508, -433] Don't you just feel sorry for Jun Jin for sticking him there?

2. [+8729, -2328] Should've just asked Jun Jin to return.... Kwang Hee is just a no-no...

3. [+6208, -1258] Jun Jin was really fun

4. [+5391, -1223] I'm cheering for Kwang Hee but the sixth man should be none other than one of those three

5. [+1304, -60] Labelling Jun Jin as one of 'those guys' is unfair. He didn't commit any crime and they didn't make him drop out. I'm aware of the purpose of this article but calling him as 'that guy' is going too far

6. [+913, -36] Jun Jin and the shuttlecock was really legendary

7. [+826, -112] They should've made Jun Jin as the sixth man. He has the experience

8. [+451, -95] Couldn't it be that the production team plans for Kwanghee to settle in first and then when he enlists in the army, one of 'the guys' will naturally take his spot?

9. [+392, -43] Kwang Hee was such a crybaby and was complaining that the work was too hard on 'The Laws of the Jungle'.


dj said...

Would of loved to see Junjin back on the show but I'm nervous if he can make a full commitment being a permanent guest and when Shinhwa schedule comes around.

And I think Junjin is at the perfect place in his life after coming back from military and resuming Shinhwa activities. He is so funny these days,, wish to see him do more vshows.

tuchoong13 said...

Just... agree with knetz 👏🏻

Amanda Rachel said...

Noh Hong Chul is the funniest among three of them. Don't worry too much, if someone is not funny enough in certain ep, the editor will edit it out anyway since Infinity Challenge wasn't a live show

Guest said...

From those three, I've only miss NHC tbh. Not really a fan on the other 2 on the show.

Guest said...

true JHD recently has been edited out a lot. He seems clicked with Kwanghee, hope he can help him

lovelovelove681 said...

Jinnie <3

unicornsgalaxy said...

I so want Jinnie to do more variety shows and possible have a permanent position...but I don't want him in IC. I watch older episodes and have a hard time watching. He is hardly in it and I hate the 'character' that they made for him where they dumbed him down. I have a hard time watching the old eps and my bitterness runs deep.

Bye shinhwa said...

He said he doesn't want to go back either..poor babybird still blames himself for leaving so sudden too :\\

unicornsgalaxy said...

I'm sure that the members and stuff were nice to him and all...but I have to think that there is a reason why he was adamant that he didn't want to go back (other than the "the members they have now are good together...blah, blah, blah").

My poor baby bird is so sensitive. :( He had to leave. He had to serve the military.

Lily said...

Hi kkuljaem I'm sorry to shamelessly come back with another request but I just saw news that Scholar Who Walks The Night has cast Lee Yoo Bi as its crossdressing female lead, can you see if any Korean articles clearly say that she and not Kim So Eun is the female lead? Or what roles they play?

I know you're busy so I won't ask you to translate full comments or anything, I just want to know if Korean media confirmed it or English media sites interpreted something wrong.