25 April 2015

Age gaps of couples who went public with their relationships

Instiz: Age gaps of couples who went public with their relationships 

Yoona & Lee Seung Gi (3 years) 

Sulli & Choiza (14 years) 

 Park Ha Sun & Ryu Soo Young (8 years) 

Sooyoung & Jung Kyung Ho (7 years) 

Yuri & Oh Seung Hwan (7 years) 

Suzy & Lee Min Ho (7 years) 

 Tiffany  & Nichkhun (1 year) 

Taeyeon & Baekhyun (3 years) 

Jessica & Tyler Kwon (9 years) 

Won Bin & Lee Na Young (2 years) 

Park Han Byul & Jung Eun Woo (2 years) 

Hwang Jung Eum & Kim Young Joon (1 year) 

Jo Jung Seok & Gummy (1 year) 

Joo Ji Hoon & Ga In (5 years) 

Yoon Kye Sang & Lee Honey (5 years) 

Han Ye Seul & Teddy (3 years) 

- Ju Jeong Seok and Gummy are dating????? Heol???? 

-Got a heart attack when I got to Won Bin's pic 

-Sulli and Choiza's age gap is quite shocking..

-Jessica and Tyler Kwon aren't confirmed 


Lee said...

-Sulli and Choiza's age gap is quite shocking..
14 years old is pretty normal.

Pluvio said...

If I date a girl 14 years younger than me in the future, she would be 9 years old at this moment...

♠ EEYORE ♠ said...


aeterna009 said...

Lee Na Young really looks pretty in that picture... I hope she keeps that hairstyle.

Alisson said...

Let's be honest, isn't one year gap is the best for long relationship?

placeforu said...

I think an age gap that is more than 5 yrs is a little too difficult. But as long as two people in a relationship are happy, that's all that matter.

Rukiii said...

the winner is Sulli and Choiza

Congrats XD

Lily said...

Hwang Jung Eum and Lee Na Young look soooo pretty in their pictures...

ArielLM13 said...

As long as she's legal when when you get to grown folks business.

kimdeyya said...

emm... I think as long as they find comfort in each other then age doen't matter

justme said...

Can i get one jung kyung ho?