3 April 2015

Celebrities who are turning 30 in 4 years

Park Shin Hye

 Lee Yoo Bi




 Go Ara

 Yang Yoseob

Instiz: Celebrities who will be 30 years old in 4 years 

-30 years old in 4 years??? Are you kidding?...But I'm turning 30 in about a year

-Heol... They look so young

-I'm the same age as them but I'm the only one who's aging

-Our Sunggyu too

-Yo... Yoseob-ah....

-Four years is still plenty of time

-Seungri also


justjuliet said...

I'm turning 30 in ten years, that's half the amount of time I was born..or the amount of memories I remember..still a baby :D

haha said...

Park Shin Hye and Lee Yu Bi <3

woooow said...

isn't sunggyu 89 line?
park shinhye in that pic really looks like choi jung won in wish upon a star drama

sandstorm said...

Park shin hye's beauty 😘 so stunning!

Jajangmyeon said...

Lee Yoo Bi !!? Seriously?? Woaaa~~

Protagonist said...

This guy... is up there with Dara with this never aging cycle

Exactlly said...

Time moves so quickly...

Pluvio said...

So random, 30 in 4 years... I'll be 30 in 6. orz