20 April 2015

Current list of 2015's confirmed and denied relationships

Confirmed relationships

Jan 1st - Lee Jung Jae and Im Se Ryung 
"They have recently become more than friends" 

Jan 12th - Ahn Jae Wook and Choi Hyun Joo
"They recently started a beautiful relationship" 

 Feb 2nd - Jo Jung Seok and Gummy
"They have been friends for a while before they turned into lovers."

Mar 23rd - Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun
"They have been dating for approximately 4~5 months"

Mar 23rd - Lee Min Ho and Suzy
"They have been dating for a month. Please watch over them warmly."

April 9th - Yoon Hyun Min and Jeon So Min
"They are in the stage of getting to know each other. Please cheer them on warmly"

April 20th - Oh Seung Hwan and Yuri
"They met last November and have developed feelings for each other.
They are getting to know each other well."

Denied relationships

Jan 5th - Park Seo Jun and Baek Jin Hee
"Last July, they got caught up in dating rumours but they are not a couple."

Jan 22nd - Hong Jong Hyun and Nana
"They are just in a close oppa-dongsaeng relationship and not dating." 

Feb 9th - Son Ho Joon and Kim So Eun
"They were in the middle of growing  their relationship as colleagues
when the dating news broke out."

April 11th - Ji Chang Wook and Kim Joo Ri
"They have known each others as friends for a while but they are not dating."

E Daily - Naver: From Lee Min Ho to Ji Chang Wook... The list of stars' dating news that continues through 2015 

1. [+4763, -139] Other couples denied it themselves but Ji Chang Wook's case happened to be just a misunderstanding. To consider it a dating news is stretching it a bit.. Please write your article carefully!

2. [+2660, -94] But come to think of it, Baek Jin Hee and Park Seo Jun match so well

3. [+269, -28] Reporter, you gave me a shock. Based on the title, I thought Ji Chang Wook is really in a relationship ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+225, -34] Sigh. Why does Ji Chang Wook keep getting dragged into this? He already said he's not in any relationship with her

5. [+97, -13] Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun look the best..I really hope they get married~~!!^^

6. [+70, -6] Seems like the reporter has induced a fury among Ji Chang Wook's fans  because of the title. Anyway, this report. Tsk tsk. Lee Min Ho and Suzy are so lovely together but please stop bothering them and let them date happily

7. [+63, -11] Kim Joo Ri's getting a free publicity thanks to the dating rumour


goldenmellow said...

I forgot about Jo Jung Seok dating. Ji Chang Wook better hope he's not really dating that girl lol

Mr S said...

All my fave actors...

silvermaoh said...

She is just using his name to promote herself. Her company immediately put out articles of her making a drama comeback and they made sure to put his name all over her news -_-
also, all the suppose links were proven to be false. I feel bad he is getting dragged by that girl.

Alisson said...

Kim SoEun still doing well on WGM after the hate she got from netizen because of her statement and dating scandal. THIS is why WGM's production team think that there is no need to kick out Yewon. Those who wrotes comments doesn't even a "regular" viewers for WGM.

♥aLin♥ said...

omg..thats so dirty..i didnt give a sh*t to tht girl so just know now..poor JCW..he really seems hardly wanna proof to his fans tht hes nof dating at last fanmeet gathering..huhu..i luv him..

placeforu said...

i don't care Ji Chang Wook is dating, but Ji Chang Wook can do better, I am glad he denied it. His name is being dragged all over the place from Kim Joo Ri (most people don't even know her) who's mediaplaying with Ji Chang Wook. I hope to see Ji Chang Wook in a new project soon.

SaiSei said...


nssn said...

how i hope HJH and Nana dating scandal was true, they look cute ㅋㅋㅋ

JoyBells said...

Jo jung suk and Gummy are dating!! Completely missed that news.

twicawind said...

The way i see it, he banged her (one night stand) and she used his fame to get a name, she's his gf per se but more like a sex friend. He used her tits, she used his fame. END.

silvermaoh said...