5 April 2015

Did 'Running Man' go too far with 'kiss' mission?

My Daily - Naver: 'Running Man' football kiss cam mission chaos 

1. [+8473, -231] The PD must be a perv. Always makes them do missions like these

2. [+6452, -106] Byul dislikes this.

3. [+5993, -368] Why is 'Running Man' so boring these days?

4. [+3621, -70] Ah, so this is why Shin Se Kyung got to be a guest

5. [+2537, -352] Shin Se Kyung is so pretty

6. [+970, -29] Some of the members are married men. Why did they make them kiss with their partners?

7. [+721, -31] Some of the guy members are married. They went too far.... Was I the only one who got so uncomfortable?

8. [+472, -19] 'Running Man' is more fun when they don't invite guests

9. [+404, -29] Although it's for the sake of the show, that was just wrong.

10. [+245, -10] The PD is a perv. Whenever they have female guests, he always makes them do skinships with the male members.

11. [+148, -5] Cho Hyo Jin needs to come back.. 'Running Man' has been on a downfall ever since they left Im Hyun Taek PD to lead it. How could they assign him the task of a main PD? After Cho Hyo Jin PD left in April last year, show show has gotten so boring

12. [+134, -7] Doesn't Park Ye Jin have a boyfriend?ㅋㅋ Why would you order them to do this?

13. [+123, -9] You can even sense how uncomfortable the members were..ㅠㅠ


Left Shark said...

Yes this is way too far. Maybe this game is the main reson for the pairing

DiscoLazyTime said...

all of them are actress. It's OK for them. Jihyo ever said that though. What so big deal about this. It so LOL