25 April 2015

EXO achieves all-kill on 5 music programs for the 3rd week

Osen - Naver: EXO achieves consecutive all-kill on 5 music programs in 3 weeks.. Surpasses 'Growl' 

1. [+4462, -1796] EXO is love

2. [+3638, -1308] EXO, Congrats!!!!!!!!!!

3. [+3510, -1235] Congrats on the win and thanks for showing us a good performance today.

4. [+561, -137] Where is the coordi? Jong In's mesh top... I love you. Even if you don't want to, please accept my love;

5. [+397, -92] Congrats on the triple crown! EXO, let us love

6. [+367, -75] Inkigayo, Music Core, Show Champion, Music Bank, M Countdown, what else? All triple crown from all music programs

8. [+248, -23] 'Call Me Baby' is better than 'Growl' because you can  feel EXO's thoughtfulness for EXO-L in this song. Congrats again on your win~~!! I hope you hit all-kill again next week. I really like the song.

9. [+223, -24] I don't even know who is who in EXO .... but they're all cuties....

10. [+198, -18] They're the top tier of all current idols. Not a fan but in my unbiased opinion, you really can't compare them with other boy groups.

My Daily - Naver: Despite Tao's withdrawal rumour, EXO wins #1 on 'Music Bank' 

1. [+5479, -1615] Today was another legend..... EXO, congrats on your win!!!!!!!!!!! MCs Bora and Seo Jun, thank you for your hard work!!

2. [+3658, -1093] Congrats EXO~ Let us love!

3. [+210, -12] There's nothing that can shake up this fandom. Last year, 2 Chinese members left plus there was that dating news but the fanchants are as loud as ever. Gave me goosebumps as I watched. Anyway, congrats EXO

4. [+179, -9] One should really acknowledge the fandom. To be honest, there isn't any one around me who doesn't know EXO

5. [+156, -31] Baekhyun's hair looks great. Congrats


francesca said...

i love this blog

xxxwakaka said...

not a fan but congrats!! ^^ #calmlywaitforBBcomeback

Lily said...

lmao the comment on the mesh top, the fan's thirst is real but that comment is so funny...