14 April 2015

EXO's Suho cast in upcoming movie 'Glory Day'

tv Report - Naver: [Exclusive] Following D.O and Chanyeol, Suho slated to make his big screen debut... cast in film 'Glory Day' 

1. [+1158, -161] It's an independent movie. It's nice to see that he's starting small and  that he's not letting greed rule him over

2. [+1003, -166] A lot of people are prejudiced against SM idols. Suho attended Korea National University of Arts.... I trust that he'll do well~~~

3. [+648, -118] Heol daebak!! Fighting~

4. [+582, -117] Heol!!! Joonmyeon-ah, I'm looking forward to it!!!!

5. [+546, -115] Congrats! Joonmyeon oppa, be strong!!

6. [+111, -24] Heol. The skills he learned in K-ARTS finally get to shine

7. [+79, -11] Criticisms are unavoidable because he is an idol but Suho was pursuing acting at K-ARTS while he was a trainee. However, he was juggling school and their schedules at the same time so he gave it up....

8. [+50, -4] I have a feeling that he'll do well. He did great with his animation dubbing as well as his emceeing in Inkigayo. I hope to see him in variety shows too. Leader Suho, fighting


Jun Myeon'a sweetie said...

Jun Myeon oppa,I believe in you.You can do best.Please also shine in actor line too.I want to see both actor Jun Myeon and singer Jun Myeon.Saranghae ♥ ♥ Fighting!!

__엑소-L said...

hope he is successful like DO