28 April 2015

Female idols who made good decisions by getting bob hairstyle

Instiz: These female idols' bob hairstyles are god's work 

f(x) Luna
Long hair 

Short hair 

Girl's DayHyeri 
Long hair 

Short hair 

AOA Choa 
Long hair

Short hair 

Long hair 

Short hair 


goldenmellow said...

IU looks great with both long and short hair

justme said...

IU looks good in anything...same goes to the other girls. Pretty people will look pretty no matter what

baechu said...

definitely choa

surfinthesasslife said...

How I wish i cn pull off a short hair look #longhairdontcare haha

stan by me said...


Shai_love said...

I'm probably the only person who doesn't like Choa's short hair, she looks like an elf to me.

Pluvio said...

I usually prefer girls with long hair but girls that can rock short hair make me weak in the knees :3

Nova_REMIX said...

Luna's hairstyle was amazing.