16 April 2015

Gong Hyo Jin's first still cut for 'Producer'

OSEN - Naver: 'Producer', Gong Hyo Jin's first filming still cut

1. [+2626, -118] Gong Hyo Jin has lots of charms. Looking forward to her

2. [+2054, -146] Gong Hyo Jin doesn't have an extremely beautiful face but she's full of charms.. Another drama to look forward to after 'It's Okay, It's Love'

3. [+1109, -97] Gong Hyo Jin-ssi!!! Fighting

4. [+123, -26] 'Producer', hit daebak!!!!

5. [+106, -32] So pretty.. I'm excited to watch 'Producer'~

6. [+98, -36] You can trust Gongvely's dramas

7. [+117, -60] In my opinion, Gong Hyo Jin is prettier and more charming than Kim Tae Hee and Suzy

8. [+62, -29] I wish Kim Soo Hyun gets a loveline with Gong Hyo Jin and not with IU

9. [+38, -6] The actors/actresses I  like in one drama. May 8th, when are you coming? Please show us good acting


goldenmellow said...

This drama sounded fresh and interesting before, but it's basically turning into a normal drama now. Even the PD is now a drama PD and not a variety PD. Oh well, the cast is good though. It should be fun.

rfan said...

She's my favourite koren actress. I adore her because she's so talented and also has an awesome personality. Hope Producer will be succesfull!

Nippy said...

Her acting is AWESOME in IOIL. Hopin Producer will be a big hit too~ 4ever Gongvely! =)

meltingice said...

May 8th come faster please!!!!

Alisson said...

She is awesome and this drama plot seems great with amazing casts. But I still can't accept IU. Producer please do well!

the saso said...

just imagina cha taehyun with iu , ew!! idont like it!! gong and cha is better althought im sad that sohyun may be with iu.....

shiksoo said...

seriously their first broadcast same with ex-girlfriend club ?
can't choose what i should watch first

Macibelle Gallarde said...

She's very talented but to call her an exceptional beauty and more physically beautiful than actresses like Kim tae hee is such an exaggeration. Ordinary looking/ugly girls must be rooting for her because she is a reflection of themselves-not physically beautiful but banking on their "personality" for people to notice them!lol