4 April 2015

Hong Soo Ah's face change

news 1 - Naver: Hong Soo Ah's 'slightly changing face' 

1. [+9881, -89] ...Wherever I look, I don't recognize her anymore ㅜㅜ

2. [+8724, -69] I don't think it's just a slight change

3. [+7181, -192] Who are you?... I like the old Hong Soo Ah better

4. [+5660, -59] Slight???????????????

5. [+4582, -49] Look at this article's title ㅋㅋ

6. [+2335, -23] Every time a celebrity gets something done, I feel like they should be issued a new ID... She totally looks like a different person now

7. [+1770, -14] I used to like Hong Dro (note: Hong Soo Ah +Pedro Martinez) because of her charms... But now I don't recognize her anymore..

8. [+1250, -10] Slight?... I don't think so

9. [+611, -5] But the change is drastic. Try comparing it with her old photos

10. [+141, -1] The plastic surgeons in our country are really skilled....


Guest said...

I think she look so pretty now. I still recognize her and I know her only from Heroes. Her old nose surgery was not really well done but it look better now. I'm happy for her.

ideal visual said...

is she the one from heroes? if it is, i recognized her name but not her..

Stormrox said...

Pedro martinez?