6 April 2015

'Hwajung' releases posters

OSEN - Naver: 'Hwajung' Cha Seung Won, Lee Yeon Hee, Kim Jae Won and Seo Kang Jun.. posters of 6 people and 6 different colours revealed 

1. [+1610, -119] Lee Yeon Hee's just amazing.. She gets the lead role in a high-profile drama with her sucky acting.. Her agency is amazing

2. [+1194, -87] SM's suddenly ruining this

3. [+861, -50] Lee Yeon Hee's snatching lead roles here and there ㅎㅎ

4. [+553, -29] Chajumma really stands out.. Fighting!

5. [+302, -17] Lee Yeon Hee can either choose to get more practice or be assigned the supporting role. Pick only one please

6. [+250, -42] Casting error with Seo Kang Joon and Lee Yeon Hee. Both can't act but how did they get cast? Should've given the role to Park Seo Joon who is a much better actor. Seo Kang Joon and Son Dam Bi's acting were so cheesy in 'What Happens With the Family?' that they made my fingers curl.

7. [+225, -19] What's up with Lee Yeon Hee? Her acting sucks. She needs more practice;;;

8. [+170, -10] There are other actresses out there. Why her?


periwinklestar said...

I think Lee Yeon Hee did okay on her previous drama Miss Korea. She was awkward only on the first few episode but then she did welk. Knetz also praised her and said she improved. Maybe bcoz Miss Korea isn't very popular (it compete against My Love From the Star) so people didnt watch her acting.
This drama has many good actors n actress. I'm really looking forward to it.

goldenmellow said...

She'll do fine. She was good in Miss Korea and not bad in GFB.

HJK said...

i really hope LYH bring MK's acting to this drama because she is really bland in her recent movie Detective K.

aeterna009 said...

The cast is almost perfect... I really can't get into LYH's acting. maybe first impressions really do lasts. I think Korean actress should go for RomComs or pitiful character in melo so people will like them.

sleepyneve said...

Hm, that's disappointing to read. I hope so too.

cocosundae said...

Dont really those poster tho

HJK said...

hmm, it s not all LYH's fault. She does not appear much in the movie, and the movie focuses on male leads, so maybe that s why she does not have enough time to showcase her improvement.

However, this is what i think would happen again with this drama. Cha Seung Won's character may get attention and the writer would change the direction of the drama to focus on him, which isnt a good thing for LYH. I like her since she has a nice personality, but her acting isnt that that strong to stand on her own regardless of the writing. She needs good character to enhance her acting not the other way around.

sleepyneve said...

Those are very good points: Cha Seung Won is definitely the stronger actor, and Lee Yeon Hee's acting is conditional on the writing of her character. I wouldn't worry so much on the screen time for Lee Yeon Hee; it will probably be split between the two characters pretty evenly.

HJK said...

if this is pre-filmed drama, i would not worry. But this drama is live-shooting and the writer can change the script any time to follow viewers' demand. Just like how they made Joo Jin Mo a second lead in Empress Ki as viewers favored Ji Chang Wook, even though JJM signed on for that drama as THE main male lead

sleepyneve said...

Joo Jin Mo was the main male lead originally? Oh my goodness. That's a shame that his screen time was cut. I actually liked his character over Ji Chang Wook's character.

I still feel the writer wouldn't be making the bold move of shifting too much focus away from Lee Yeon Hee's character because the whole synopsis of the drama is about her life. It's incredibly difficult to talk about a character's life without the actual character appearing for a good portion. The only ways I could see this issue happening are Lee Yeon Hee has an injury and has to cut back filming or viewer ratings are incredibly low/lower than expected that drastic changes have to be made to the plot.