18 April 2015

[Instiz] Mini G-Dragon

Instiz: A mom's G-Dragon fanclub membership 

-Omo.... That's daebak...

-Daebak I'm jealous 'cause he gets to wear lots of nice clothes 

-How did they manage to find similar types of clothing?

-The kid is so cute

-I'm gonna do the same when I have my own child

-The poses are also on point

-That must have cost a lot of money though

-Wow.. He even got that knee injury in the first photo

-He's got a really devoted mother


nssn said...

I'm happy that kid look like he enjoysing it too 😍😍😍😍

sleepykid said...

Identity crisis

Amiaah said...

Adorable, but damn mommy must be a good tailor because how the heck did she find such perfect looking matches? Maybe she shops at G-Dragon-R-US (U.S. kids store) i wanna shop there too ;_;

commedesfuckdown said...

That's what VIPs were doing in three years. Getting married, having a child, dressing them as their bias while waiting for Bigbang to comeback. Lol

Kiki Meidy said...

awww how cute~

Nippy said...

Cutieee pie XD