20 April 2015

JYP coordis are their antis?

Instiz: Is the condition to become a JYP coordi is to be their anti? 

Wonder Girls 

Best outfits

Worst outfits


Best outfits 

Worst outfits 


Best outfits

Worst outfits 


Best outfits 

Worst outfits 

Baek Ah Yeon

Best outfit 

Worst outfit


Best outfits 

Worst outfits 

-I won't ask for any money so hire me instead

-2PM had awesome outfits during their Heartbeat era..

-The outfits at JYP sort of reflects Park Jin Young's styleㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Please give them better outfits

-Ask the Woolim coordis for help ㅋㅋ


Maki said...

Miss A too specially their last comeback. JYPE please change their cordi,I've been asking this for YEARS!!

shiro 白 said...

GOT7's Stop Stop It era style was the worst I've ever seen... JYP coordis stop stop it...please..

Amiaah said...

2PM's best outfits = shirtless/topless

I approve!

muramurr said...

"The outfits at JYP sort of reflects Park Jin Young's styleㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

true. JYP is so tasteless

choconerd said...

Ask the Woolim coordis for help ㅋㅋ





wsssg said...

Even Wonder Girls make up artist is worst in KPop .. Never give justice tto my WG .. I rather see them bare faced...

Protagonist said...

Girls x3 was the worst omg

kimdeyya said...

couldn't agree more, they need new coordi and stylist, after WG Nobody I feel like their style getting worse and worse every comeback, like they all pretty but their coordi makes them look old, Miss A too, before Only you they always let Jia hair looked so messy and never did something new or good for other member's hair too, they have thats similar style again compared to other girl group -_- and the size of their outfit also sometimes doesn't fit to the artist and makes it look minus in my eyes.. (oh I'm nagging too much)

Alisson said...

The company seems have no expectation to GOT7.
Their outfit, the worst out of any boy group in KPOP.

justin said...

miss a in colorful dresses is such a joyful sight. they look good in every thing. but hust like you, i wish their company put a little more taste and dress this beautiful girls in more fashionable ways.

justtttt said...

I think the best outfit for got7 is during A. They actually have decent style when they are not promoting TBH.