14 April 2015

Kim So Eun confirmed for 'The Scholar Who Walks the Night'

Dailian - Naver: [Exclusive] Kim So Eun confirmed for 'The Scholar Who Walks the Night'... 'Historical lineup' with Lee Jun Ki and Choikang Changmin 

1. [+107, -12] Ow yeah~~!! Gotta watch this. I'm excited

2. [+108, -14] I hope it's for the lead role~~ I will watch this because Kim So Eun is in it~~

3. [+103, -12] I'm looking forward to it.. She was so gorgeous in 'Horse Healer'. I hope this hits daebak!!!

4. [+103, -14] So Eun is good with sageuk dramas. Excited for this

5. [+101, -14] Congrats congrats. I just realized that there are a lot of dramas to watch this year^^ I'll be watching your movie too

6. [+83, -13] I really like Kim So Eun. This is a must-watch for me

7. [+79, -11] Jang Hee Jin is already confirmed for the role of Soohyang so Kim So Eun is probably the female lead. Please let us know

8. [+72, -9] I've been waiting for her to confirm it~~. Finally!!

9. [+68, -8] Is she the female lead? I'm patiently waiting for July

10. [+65, -7] Daebak. She's the female lead, right? She fits the lead role so much


zik said...

but.. will she be the female lead?! feels like the article purposefully left out that info = A = crossing my fingers for the pair up of KSE and LJK.

and thank you kkuljaem for your updates. I just discovered your blog and I'm loving it already!! please keep up the hard work :)

sleepyneve said...

Yes, I believe so.

fei said...

I hope Lee yubi is the female lead

Lily said...

but is she the female lead?! Or is it another role. I don't mind Lee Yoo Bi either but it's really frustrating not to know if KSE is really the lead.

Nova_REMIX said...

I believe she got confirmed for the female lead.