8 April 2015

[w/ UPDATE] Kim So Eun offered a role in 'The Scholar Who Walks the Night' + Lee Soo Hyuk

Note: This article doesn't say if it's a lead role or a supporting role. Some of the articles state that it is for a  supporting role while the later ones assert that she has been offered the lead role. Will update once she confirms it.

OSEN - Naver: Kim So Eun, positively considered for a role in MBC's new Wed-Thurs drama 'The Scholar Who Walks the Night'

1. [+2817, -263] So much better than Jin Se Yeon

2. [+2227, -178] If Lee Jun Ki is already confirmed, I'm not in favour of Jin Se Yeon as the female lead.. There's a difference in height and build... Kim So Eun suits the lead role better

3. [+1812, -166] Those who have read the original would know that Kim So Eun suits the lead role better than Jin Se Yeon

4. [+317, -43] Out of all the actresses that were offered the role, she's the one who fits it best

5. [+291, -45] She's a much better actress than Jin Se Yeon

6. [+270, -35] I prefer her more than Jin Se Yeon

7. [+269, -34] She'll be great~ She looked so good in hanbok in 'Horse Healer'

8. [+278, -45] She should be the lead instead of Jin Se Yeon

9. [+179, -28] Kim So Eun-ssi was great in 'Horse Healer' so I hope she confirms this

10. [+163, -44] So Eun is a good actress.

11. [+133, -34] Omo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally like this~~~~~~~~~~~~

Star News - Naver: Lee Soo Hyuk in talks for 'The Scholar Who Walks the Night'.. To return to public channel after 2 years 

1. [+3674, -476] He has an awesome voice and good acting to boot!!

2. [+2768, -269] That deep baritone voice of his is so charming

3. [+2386, -435] I acknowledge that he has a cool voice but will he be able to bring the original character to life. His acting isn't up to par ㅜㅜ I'm really looking forward to this drama but why does it keep getting so disorganized? ...ㅜㅜ

4. [+2263, -903] But his acting sucks

5. [+1215, -210] Lee Soo Hyuk, fighting~!!

6. [+295, -17] No~ No~ to Jin Se Yeon!!!

7. [+318, -44] He has the looks that fit a vampire drama but the problem is the acting in addition to Changmin and the female lead. The casting is getting lost in the mountains. Lee Jun Ki is the only one to trust here. Please pick the casts carefully so that you'll do justice to the original work.

8. [+283, -31] Kim So Eun is a better female lead than Jin Se Yeon

9. [+307, -61] Jin Se Yeon the nuisance. And on top of that, there's Changmin...

10. [+201, -11] Please take out Jin Se Yeon. 'Doctor Stranger' was such a disappointment

11. [+173, -12] I really like the combination of Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Jun Ki but please don't cast Jin Se Yeon

12. [+147, -22] He's awesome and he has a sexy voice but he tends to mumble when he recites his lines

13. [+120, -24] Heol. Lee Soo Hyuk's vampire visual is jjang


noNama said...

If she's the lead than I'm all for it. Not going to even try watching if Jin Se Yeon snagged the lead role though (now, if JSY is going to be one of the supporting roles, that I could get behind).

Hety Pratiwi said...

She should be the lead instead of Jin Se Yeon..i hope so eun confrim this drama..

ehra said...

if its a supporting role for Kim So Eun I rather not watch it :(

tiffanny loveley said...

i heard that lee so hyuk also offered role in the same drama plz can u translate it ^^

♥aLin♥ said...

so JSY also being hate by knetz..oky2... hHa

Chyan said...

KSE > JSY about 500 kilometers approximately.

JoyBells said...

Omg! Yes... definitely her. Please i hope its not JSY.

JoyBells said...

Is he forever going to play Vampire related dramas. :P
Although i can say he suits these role best.

Lily said...

please please please let Kim So Eun take the lead role, NO to Jin Se Yeon! KSE is 1000x better as an actress and will look better with Lee Jun Ki too.

aeterna009 said...

Please make her the lead!

I noticed that Jin Se Yeon has never rejected a role before so everyone's gonna have a mental breakdown once she's confirmed.

ARI-YA said...

I'm already rolling my eyes and shaking my head at the thought of JSY playing the female lead while KSE have to settle with a supporting role.

Switch it up, MBC! Kim Soeun for the female lead role instead!

tiffanny loveley said...

Yes i think he suits these role so much ! ^^ it will be nice if he accept it :)

Lily said...

MBC please withdraw the offer to Jin Se Yeon now......wtf is up with trying to cast her as the female lead, NO ONE thinks it's a good idea and she's not even popular. She'll never reject it on her own so just rescind the offer like y'all did with Han Groo.

tiffanny loveley said...

thank u so much ^^

Cindy said...

Yay! Hope she takes the offer. Thanks Kkuljaem

Stormrox said...

Omg yes i dnt want to aee jin se yon, beside kim so eun is soooooo beautiful abd better

uhnny said...

[+2263, -903] But his acting sucks
Oh come on now don't be so harsh. He's improving. He might not be lead-role ready as of now but the hottie is definitely getting there~