22 April 2015

Kim So Hyun won't be attending high school... Opt for homeschooling due to filming schedules

E Daily - Naver: Kim So Hyun to give up high school... Sorry for becoming a hindrance to my friends 

1. [+34276, -2054] But it's still better for her to attend high school.. High school days give you experience  that you can't buy with money

2. [+28171, -1437] It will be lonely because you won't have any friends..

3. [+20458, -798] That must have been a difficult decision to make. She thinks profoundly. I'm looking forward to your acting!!

5. [+2053, -74] It's a decision she made for her dream but I feel bad for her ㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+1802, -64] Not university but high school??  I'm a fan and I respect her decision. Fighting!!

7. [+1675, -229] That's unfortunate.. High school memories are the ones you'll remember forever~

8. [+1062, -63] This reminds me of BoA. She became a singer at a young age and wasn't able to attend high school but took her qualification exam regardless..Later, she might feel lonely so I personally think it's wiser if she attends high school. Anyway, I'm hoping she made a good choice^^


Shai_love said...

I'm hoping she made a good decision, but as the comments said it's probably best for her now since she's so busy. Home school is still school regardless and she'll likely still have friends. Not attending the same school won't automatically make you a loner.

sleepyneve said...

Wow, that's a lot of upvotes for an article about deciding to be homeschooled.

Alisson said...

Agree, it is better for her to attend high school. High school day is important for teens, things that you won't get in celebs life, friends you won't get among the celebs, Unfortunate for her.

기라나 said...

why don't she attend art school instead? i think they always kept up by schedules

bogaerde said...

No wonder she was trending on Naver yesterday.

Totallyajapanesenetizen said...

Beyonce chose to be homeschooled instead of going to high school, and look at how she turned out! Going after your dream and knowing what you want should make you not have to attend high school.