3 April 2015

Kwanghee leaves 'Inkigayo'...heading over to 'Infinity Challenge'?

OSEN - Naver: Kwanghee leaves 'Inkigayo' emceeing gig after 2 years and 4 months.. "Thank you for all the support"

1. [+11624, -249] I know that he has a lot of anti-fans but Kwanghee works hard in everything he does

2. [+8914, -650] Are you heading to 'Infinity Challenge'??????

3. [+6799, -673] I approve of him going to IC-!! I'm liking this

4. [+6531, -524] Is he the sixth man?

5. [+865, -48] Hm... This isn't just a coincidence, is it?

6. [+787, -37] Great job Kwanghee. You were the best among all the Inkigayo MCs.

7. [+715, -46] Is it because of IC??? I really hope he got chosen~ He's  bright, funny and always enlivens the atmosphere

8. [+731, -77] I'm so sure he is the sixth man

9. [+691, -57] This is random but I really like Kwanghee

10. [+658, -45] To the top commenter, Kwanghee doesn't have a lot of anti-fans ㅋㅋThere are mostly positive comments on his articles, so what is this talk about antis are you spouting now?

11. [+579, -28] I wish Kwanghee all the best


IAmNotJapanese said...

he is actually my bet. lol so i hope it's really because of Infinity Challenge, though i'd only believe it when he leaves Star King.

Amanda Rachel said...

Me too. I'm only gonna believe this after hear news he's leavin Star King

Netizen said...

Hope he goes to IC! Meanwhile, I'm sure SBS is a little hurt. Star King and Inkigayon. Doesn't help that Kwanghee is practically the face of Inkigayo. Who are they going to get to replace him? Because the current two hosts do NOT cut it.

Stormrox said...

He is awesome tbh i dnt gt why ppl hate him

도화 said...

Blah i feel like Jang Dong Min or even Kang Kyun Sung are better fitted for this show.