2 April 2015

Lee Min Ho's pictorial for 'Grazia'

Dispatch - Naver: "Dignity of a handsome man"... Lee Min H's 'homme fatale' pictorial 

1. [+632, -49] To the people over at Dispatch, you need to reflect

2. [+554, -43] Dispatch..... You need to shut the hell up for the time being...

3. [+469, -37] Dispatch is sucking up to Lee Min Ho and Suzy's popularity

4. [+439, -65] Lee Min Ho's gaze is nice. He looks awesome in the first photo

5. [+210, -24] I seriously hate Dispatch. They're brazen and I've lost my trust for them

6. [+147, -14] And why did sasaeng-like Dispatch get to do this to an awesome pictorial?

7. [+132, -26] Heol~ He looks awesome. Please make your drama comeback

8. [+122, -24] Dispatch, do you even feel sorry at all?

9. [+114, -23] I really like Lee Min Ho. He's awesome. I'm always cheering for you!!!!!

10. [+61, -15] So handsome! He looks completely different in 'Gangnam 1970'! Please pick your next project soon~~


sleepykid said...

Please translate this article http://m.entertain.naver.com/photo/read?oid=213&aid=0000662323