9 April 2015

Lee Sang Yoon as Jang Nara's possible leading man in 'Hello Monster'

tv Report - Naver: Lee Sang Yoon, strongly considered as male lead for 'Hello Monster'... a real 'brainy' guy is coming 

1. [+941, -14] If you've watched 'Liar Game', you'll know that he really suits brainy roles. Ooh I'm looking forward to it

2. [+862, -25] Lee Sang Yoon looks the best with his hair down

3. [+587, -12] Ah... I'm seriously in love with his dimples

4. [+559, -16] Lee Sang Yoon's acting in 'Liar Game' was amazing. Watched it all the way because of him

5. [+460, -86] Adding in an EXO kid to an already perfect casting..

6. [+45, -3] They match wellㅠㅠㅠ Is there gonna be a season 2 for 'Liar Game'?ㅠㅠㅠ

7. [+42, -5] Lee Sang Yoon is awesome

8. [+39, -4] Film this drama and then have a season 2 for 'Liar  Game'

9. [+41, -10] I think he'll look great with Jang Nara~~~ Please confirm the casting already~~ Don't alter it~~~~

10. [+33, -5] Daebak. I like both Lee Sang Yoon and Jang Nara


choconerd said...

Nice!!!! I really liked LSY in Angel Eyes. Jang Nara and him are around the same age too, i think.
Has anyone watched Liar Game? Would you recommend it?

woooow said...

i've seen it. it's good and interesting.the cast also great, esp shin sung rok and the girl who play Jamie, both superb and lee sang yoon's good too. he and kim so eun looks great in it i actually kind of ship them, lol.

Anon said...

5. [+460, -86] Adding in an EXO kid to an already perfect casting..

lol. D.O will only appear 1-2 episodes.

Cindy said...

Why they dislike his hair up... I prefer this than down, he looks better imo.

Diana said...

as long as he play a sexy brainy hot guy role, i'll support him.. heheh,
just take this role Lee Sang Yoon shiii and show your brainy sexy act hahah
but i'll be more happy if there is a news about him in Liar Game 2

commedesfuckdown said...

Lee Sang Yoon is my another bias at the moment (in addition to Ji Chang Wook). He is talented and handsome (and freaking smart irl as well), hope he gets his perfect break through role soon. Jisung got his breakthrough at the age of 38, so I am still keeping my hope that there will be a day he will get a recognition thats Daesang worthy actor.