26 April 2015

[LOL] Discrimination among male idols

 Instiz: Discrimination among male idols

During the snack-eating game..
Wooyoung: I hate seeing Khun hyung being humiliated on broadcast by doing things like this.

Jun K.: What about me...!

Wooyoung: Hyung, you have to be funny.. 

When Taeil, Block B's oldest, cries 

When maknae P.O cries 

Jonghyun lets Taemin touch his shoulder.
A peaceful reaction

Minho touches him too 

Glares at him 

Hyung Sik's tweet with Siwan 

His tweet with Kwanghee 

Jong Hyun asks Jung Shin to add peppers to the ramyun

(Serious face) Hyung, what are you?

Jung Yong Hwa: Do we have peppers? 
Jung Shin: Yes we do! I added some even without being told to! 

TOP: Dae Sung-ah! High-five! 

 Seungri: Me too 

Wah~ It's Jun Jin~

Wah!!!!! It's Kim Dong Wan!!!!! 


queen victoria said...


Pluvio said...

Shinhwa. ROFL

girlsmeetU said...

Lmao SHINee and SHINHWA xD

adinif91 said...

LOL SHINHWA poor wannie!!!

Protagonist said...

I remember that episode in 2pm show it was hilarious!

AB08 said...

lmfao at b-bomb just staring at taeil and jihoon

mirakuruwish~♤ said...

Shinhwa lmaoo

surfinthesasslife said...

2pm & shinhwa. That is all.

dj said...

Shinhwa members dont discriminate, everyone gets their share of bullying. (maybe the maknae gets the least) HAHA

guest said...

omg SHINHWA were you guys planning to kill dong wan oopa or what?
2pm guys are all trolls anyway. lol

lovelovelove681 said...


Bye shinhwa said...

They are specially mean to Dongwan and Hyesung LOL..

Like..when they play something together, then Dongwan or Hyesung chime in, they'd go 'guys.. let's play something else' and disperse..leaving Wan or Syung plays alone LOLOL

this is just one of the clips I remember..


fishyhaelove said...

Shinhwa!!! LOL

TheSandGirl said...

The most bullied idol in there, 10 years and still going XD


기라나 said...

jongho is forever tom and jerry lol

jaghatar said...


choconerd said...

Bingu TOP is funny and adorable