28 April 2015

[LOL] Funny high school grad photos + kindergarten grad photos of celebs

Instiz: I want to boast about our legendary grad photos 

Instiz: Kindergarten grad photos of celebrities 

Yoon Shi Yoon 

Kim Min Seo 

Moon Geun Young 

Kim Tae Hee 

Goo Hye Sun 

 Kim Ok Bin 

Jang Nara 

- Goo Hye Sun and Kim Tae Hee. Wow

-Kim Min Seo still looks the same 

-Had no idea Yoon Shi Yoon's original name is Yoo Dong Goo 

-They all look pretty when they were kids and they still look the same up to this day 

-How could Kim Tae Hee already had a perfect face at that age? 

-Goo Hye Sun is daebak... She's like a doll 

-Such well-defined features for kindergarteners 


2m2i4k1i said...

CUTE!!! Everyone's so precious, why bother to have plastic surgeries?

♠ EEYORE ♠ said...

omg your dp is so cute!!

Guest said...

Agree Goo Hye Sun was like a doll and she still looks like a doll at age 30!

juvus said...

Jan Nara has not changed since kindergarten. She is a vampire or found the secret of life.

Sataeng said...

Omg he's wearing JYP's plastic pants lmaoooo

choconerd said...

LMAO Chu Sarang and the jyp pants

myloveisDRC said...


That is all.

choconerd said...

This one is golden!

Nippy said...

Jang Nara so cute :)