22 April 2015

MBC ends ties with makjang writer Im Sung Han

Star In - Nate: MBC: "We won't sign any contract with  'Apgujeong Midnight Sun' writer Im Sung Han from now on"

1. [+772, -7] Yes. Please get her out of our sights

2. [+642, -8] That psycho writerㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm curious why her dramas suddenly took the makjang route after the unknowingly fun 'Opposites Attract'

3. [+57, 0] After the death of her husband, her plots have become so strange. She keeps killing her characters

4. [+46, 0] This writer needs to be examined by a psychiatrist

5. [+39, 0] So what now? She should've stopped after 'Princess Aurora'...I'm pretty sure she has mental issues because her dramas are just so bizzare. Before she create more strange dramas, it'll be better for her to receive treatments first

6. [+34, 0] A very logical decision. I just hope to never see the name of Im Sung Han in Korean land ever again

7. [+34, -3] 'Princess Aurora' is the legend of all makjang dramas

8. [+30, 0] It's funny to think that people still consider her a writer

9. [+32, 0] All of Korea's makjang writers need to be examined. I'm sure a number of them are psychopaths

10. [+27, -1] I hope other broadcast stations won't sign a contract with her


Hallyuers said...

Read dramabeans or wikipedia bout her..i merely read the plot.,but its really WTF

goldenmellow said...


This is also the drama where a character wouldn't go through chemo for terminal cancer because "cancer cells are living"

Shai_love said...

I read about that and am glad I never picked up that drama, just reading some of the comments made me scratch my head.

Shai_love said...

[+32, 0] All of Korea's makjang writers need to be examined. I'm sure a number of them are psychopaths


silvermaoh said...

thanks! lol i have seen ppl complaining about this drama before

i cant believe someone actually wrote that

JoyBells said...

Princess Aurora made me swear off any dramas penned by this writer. Her plotlines are so bizzare i found myself watching episodes after the next hoping she would try to make some sense but nope....it just got even more bizzare.

dkgjjj2 said...

Wow, great idea to create a site for netizen comments on drama stuff! In a way, her work will be missed, nothing was as crazily hysterical and meme-generating as Princess Aurora.