4 April 2015

Members of T-ara's sister group revealed

Top to bottom: Chae Yeon, Dani, Eun Jin 

My Daily- Naver: T-ara's sister group unveiled... Faces of teenagers Dani, Chae Yeon and Eun Jin revealed 

1. [+4241, -84] These girls would hate to be called T-ara's sisters

2. [+3703, -69] Is Dani that girl who had legendary bad acting in 'School 2013'?

3. [+2544, -58] I can't even differentiate who is who among idols nowadaysㅋㅋㅋ From hair, face, to style. Everything is the same 

4. [+1912, -124] Just shut up already and bring back Five Dolls

5. [+1624, -208] Wow. They're so pretty... Just don't end up like T-ara

6. [+214, -6] Dani was scouted to be a T-ara member but eventually joined a new group

7. [+179, -12] They're debuting a new group but using T-ara's name to promote them. This agency is ridiculous

8. [+106, -8] They all look the same

9. [+96, -8] I don't like their agency because of Kwang Soo

10. [+80, -7] Please stop debuting girl groups and boy groups already. I love idols but there's too many of them

11. [+68, -6] It would've been a wiser move if they gave them another distinction aside from 'T-ara's sister'


stay hydrated said...

I, for one, am looking forward to their debut, hope they make awesome music like t-ara☆