23 April 2015

New stills of Kim Soo Hyun and IU for 'Producer'

tv Report - Naver: 'Producer' Kim Soo Hyun on his first day at work, "Surprising transformation into a naïve rookie PD"

1. [+2753, -101] Look how handsome he looks even with his bangs like that

2. [+2131, -81] That bowl cut and that facial expression do nothing to hide his superior visuals

3. [+1363, -68] I'm really excited for 'Producer'!!!!!

4. [+1262, -55] He looks so funny and pitiful at the same time

5. [+270, -11] So handsome. This drama has already hit daebak by casting Soo Hyun. I heard it has a massive following overseas

6. [+240, -7] How can a PD look so handsome?

7. [+136, -6] So handsome. I'm a guy so I can't say anything cheesy.. But he's really handsome

Xports News- Naver: 'Producer' IU, poker face of a ice princess top star 

1. [+2022, -214] This drama hasn't even started and it already has a lot of media play. I personally haven't seen a drama that did well after using media plays prior to it's release.  Look at what happened to 'Cantabile Tomorrow'. With the articles before its premiere, it seemed like a drama that would exceed 30% in ratings

2. [+2016, -294] I really like IU but she looks awkward in those photos

3. [+1346, -216] So cringeworthy, to be honest

4. [+687, -137] IU is so likeable as a singer but I wish she stops acting

5. [+445, -61] That first picture where she's supposed to look haughty is so awkward. With her mouth like that, I see more of Shin Bong Sun ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+392, -53] Just stick to singing..

7. [+96, -39] This role would suit Krystal better



meltingice said...

it's amazing how knetz can tell that iu is awkward in acting with just one photo

bbbb said...

IU is good.

ARI-YA said...

wow these knetz must be a bunch of shamans with the ability to see the future. I mean they could see that IU would be awkward based on a still photo. that's impressive. *roll eyes*

Haeyoung said...

This drama is starting to truly starting to feel a little overhyped. But when I think about it, a lot of the interest isn't purposely generated by the production or KBS but rather by the fans and media. Plus casting Soo Hyun in anything will generate that buzz inevitably. Now I just hope the ratings and reviews are good because I believe most are genuinely excited for the quality rather than just star power.

P.s. KSH looks so adorable in that hair! I love him in everything he's done so far but Sam Dong is amongst my fav. This looks reminds me of that, so yay!

ArielLM13 said...

I'm gonna watch it because I want to see how Gong Hyojin and Kim Soohyun vibe~

grumpycat said...

Judging from only one photo...as expected of knetz

KSW said...

IU doesn't look awkward in those pics...these netz are so pressed

noNama said...

IU is a decent actress. At least I can watch her dramas without cringing, unlike some other so-called actresses whose names I refuse to mention LOL.

linekaw said...

how does she look awkward?omgosh some ppl r just so pressed

_엑소-L said...

idk what I think about this drama..

ideal visual said...

idk how iu will do but krystal does fit these roles

ARI-YA said...

It is indeed double standards. Infact all the stills they released doesn't show much really. They're just photos of them dressed up in their characters. I don't feel anything seeing them. So I don't judge. But of course they would pick on IU though since she's the only one who's not a 'real actress' out of the bunch. The odd one out. Lol

vaseline said...

IU looks like shit