14 April 2015

Ok Taecyeon and Lee Yeon Hee's pictorial for High Cut

tv Report - Naver: Ok Taecyeon and Lee Yeon Hee who look like sweet lovers in their pictorial

1. [+627, -55] Lee Yeon Hee is as classy as ever

2. [+554, -48] So gorgeous... If only [she is or they are] good at acting..

3. [+412, -35] What an attractive pair

4. [+269, -19] Both are likeable. I wanna see them with their improved acting

5. [+92, -7] Taecyeon is so handsome

6. [+82, -12] Ok Taecyeon is awesome and Lee Yeon Hee is pretty.. I envy Lee Yeon Hee

7. [+73, -8] They match so well

8. [+63, -4] I saw them in an event in Jamsil and they both looked gorgeous. Ok Taecyeon is much more handsome in person

9. [+52, -6] Ok Taecyeon is looking so handsome lately

10. [+41, -1] Their visuals are no joke. They look so great together


Alisson said...

It is their second pictorial for high cut together. It seems like they became the new trend of pair in screen. Go go YeonHee and TaecYeon

me, exo and our galaxy said...

a gorgeous girl , a handsome guy. such a dreamy couple.

Amiaah said...

Damn they're so good looking damn...he's a nice piece of eye candy :)) She's so pretty too

muramurr said...

I don't like his huge ears, looks like a mouse

Protagonist said...

Oh yeah good comments about Taec. Thanks for translation because we hardly get articles of 2pm. T.T

ofcourse said...

if they get married, their kids will be giants

nssn said...

Marriage Blue couple (?) ❤

Ayah Kamal said...

.... suddenly bloomed. So good looking.