3 April 2015

[Pann] I used to think Suzy wasn't that pretty until I saw this photo

She's so pretty. I used to think she's only pretty when I look at her solo pictorials and that she looks relatively uglier and bigger in photos of her with other celebrities. But I take back my statement. She's freaking gorgeous.


1. [+103, -54] Just compliment Suzy, why put down Red Velvet?

2. [+83, -8] There were pictures of Suzy with Girls Day taken during 'Idol Star Olympics' and she looked so pretty in those. Yoora and Hyeri are also pretty but Suzy is unparalleled

3. [+52, -7]

4. [+50, -5] Suzy looked so pretty in 'Happy Together' that she turned Yoo Seung Ok into an octopus

5. [+47, -2] Anyway, why is Suzy alone?

6. [+38, -29] So different when she's with other celebrities


Guest said...

They all really pretty. Please stop put down others just to make your bias look better. Noone prettier than others, it's all in the eye of the beholder.

woooow said...

5. [+47, -2] Anyway, why is Suzy alone?

here we go again

HJK said...

feel like Suzy's fans are all out to put down others these days

Jwy said...

Who is the girl standing next to Suzy? Her smile is so pretty ❤

jungkooknoona said...

Red velvet's ex maknae, Joy:) shes 96er

Hello7 said...

The person is just stating his opinion on how his perspective of suzy changed.... How is that a hate statement? When did statements you don't like become statements that put down others? The person didn't even mention Red Velvet.