18 April 2015

Park Jin Young, miss A and 2PM dominate Japanese and Korean music charts

X Sports News - Naver: Park Jin Young, miss A and 2PM, dominate Japanese and Korean music charts 

1. [+1535, -36] Didn't expect Park Jin Young to fare well but he's personally showing the class of achieving 1st place through his music

2. [+1468, -45] It's been a long time since one from the Big 3 has done that

3. [+1152, -41] As expected from JYP, they never disappoint. Park Jin Young's songs are still so good to listen to even today. I just wish them all the best

4. [+234, -8] "A singer that lasts long is much better than a singer who just wins #1". JYP doesn't do music for the money but for the sake of music itself

5. [+214, -8] JYP is climbing back up again... Wonder Girls need to come back soon too ㅠㅠㅠ And if they really do make a comeback, it will help to strengthen JYP's footing

6. [+206, -7] I hope to see JYP hit daebak again... And Park Jin Young just gets better as he gets older. His amazing personality just shines too

7. [+174, -11] When Suzy's dating news broke out, everyone was saying that JYP  has fallen into ruins but now Park Jin Young and miss A are  hitting daebakㅋㅋㅋ It's amazing

8. [+163, -3] Except for the exaggerated faces that  Park Jin Young makes on 'Kpop Star', he's a nice person  ㅋㅋㅋ He sings well too

9. [+73, -5] It feels good to know that JYP is getting back up from the slump ㅋㅋㅋI'm also looking forward  to 2PM's comeback !


ideal visual said...

jyp's back~

ofcourse said...

"Wonder Girls need to come back soon too ㅠㅠㅠ"

the retro queens need to make a comeback with another funky bop!!!!! i miss them, i need them T_T but i don't want lim though. She just doesn't have the celebrity aura and not visually appealing either. just bring back the original 4 + yubin. i want them to make a comeback around the same time as other 2nd gen idols.

Protagonist said...

Just hoping GOT7 gets a better song for a number 1. 😧

muramurr said...

I didn't like the song but I'm glad for JYP anyway coz I like him so much^^

wsssg said...

Give her more time.. When Lim debuted , evryones hating her for her look. Atleast shes natural unlike those idols who look the same .. As much as I want Sunmi to be back to WG.. Lim is already a WG :)) .. I dont her that fugly anyway.. heres her recent pic :)))

ofcourse said...

her contract is ending in may. i doubt jyp would want to offer her a renewal. this could also be the reason why WG isn't coming back YET.

khun_joong said...

JYP's definitely back after a long hibernation. Wishing a successful comeback & debut for 2PM, GOT7, 5LIVE and 6MIX (wow jyp seriously has things for numbers.)