21 April 2015

Park Min Young, human or doll?

Ten Asia - Naver: Park Min Young, human or doll? 

1. [+1060, -202] Answer: Plastic surgery doll~~

2. [+913, -152] Well-made plastic human

3. [+475, -69] Journalists, stop exaggerating ㅋㅋ

4. [+229, -52] Her plastic surgery is making her face looks worse~~~ The skirt looks weird too. It makes her look short

5. [+182, -29] Park Min Young is a human.

6. [+133, -32] Who cares if she got plastic surgery, as long as she's happy~

7. [+48, -5] She was already so pretty up until 'City Hunter'. After that, she kept getting her face fixed

8. [+37, -1] The journalist is an anti


grumpycat said...

At least she's a good actress.
Btw, i really like your blog kkuljaem-nim lol how am i supposed to address you?

Nippy said...

I must prefer her looks in City Hunter. She's still a good actress~

Laurice Santos said...

why is the plastic surgery was a big deal for you all?,,she's not the only person who did plastic surgery in sk right.shes still a human like us.many people love her despite of that issue because she's a kind person and have a good heart inside.

natalia said...

she is very pretty and beautiful.really like a doll.and all korean celebrities and even normal people make plastic surgeries,but not everyone can look so charismatic.

솟밥♡ said...

i think its because she keeps getting fillers (you need to get them done regularly)