19 April 2015

'Producer' unveils first teaser

Star in - Nate: First teaser for Producer revealed...The 4 characters bursting with their 'bus chemistry'! 
1. [+145, -6] Epic lineup ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋBut who is the male lead? Cha Tae Hyun or Kim Soo Hyun?

2. [+86, -14] That lineup though.. Wow...

3. [+76, -11] I look forward to a great drama~

4. [+21, -8] You can trust Kim Soo Hyun.. Excited for 'Producer'

5. [+9, -20] Kim Soo Hyun's just shameless... He still needs to reflect over his Chinese advertisement scandal..

6. [+8, 0] Kim Soo Hyun has gotten so famous and I thought he's only good with serious roles but seeing as how they gave him that hairstyle, I guess it will be a cute and fresh role like the one in 'Dream High' or 'Secretly Greatly'. I'm liking it so farㅋㅋ

7. [+8, -3] Daebak.. I think this drama's gonna be fun...

8. [+6, -1] It's not like IU can't act so why bash her?? Her dramas failed but it doesn't mean her acting is a failure too

My Daily - Naver

1. [+71, -1] I'm looking forward to it!!!!!!!!

2. [+63, 0] Wow I'm really excited for 'Producer' ㅋㅋㅋㅋIt's a must-watch!!

3. [+60, 0] The teaser builds up the excitement. First episode on May 8th @ 9:15 pm

4. [+56, -6] Kim Soo Hyun and Chae Tae Hyun in one drama you said? ...........I love it

5. [+40, -6] Another amazing transformation from Kim Soo Hyun. I'm so excited to see him as a rookie PD. Baek Seung Chan, fighting. 'Producer, please hit daebak!!

6. [+24, 0] The teaser isn't even 1 minute long and I've decided to watch the broadcast. Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Soo Hyun's chemistry will be a new and contrasting one compared to Jeon Ji Hyun. Whoever he is paired up with, viewers will love it for sure. Kim Soo Hyun forever!


bogaerde said...

All of them are so on fleek in the teaser 😍

Haeyoung said...

Thank you for this!! I was really looking forward to see what knetz felt, although none of them is talking about ships. Darn, I wanted an epic fanwar haha.

No just kidding. I really loved the trailer. It's simple but informative on the kind of characters everyone is playing. I'm a little surprised anyone's wondering who the 'male lead' is. It's prob both but if there were just one, it's obv KSH based on star power alone. Love both guys tho, so I want loooots of bromance!!

tuchoong13 said...

Kim Soo Hyun's hair win it all lol

shiksoo said...

seriously this may gonna be bomb for kdrama. producer, ex-girlfriend club, warm and cozy. i don't know i can keep up watching three dramas in a week.

♠ EEYORE ♠ said...

i envy that you can find time watching dramas lol school is killing me TT.TT

Irene said...

Me too. Last year i dont have drama that make me excited, but finally this year all drama was excuted me 😘😘

noNama said...

Yaaassss. Bring the bromanceee!

aeterna009 said...

This teaser actually makes me more excited.. It seems like I will like all the characters in this drama.

uhnny said...

You had me at sassy Gong Hyo Jin. I'm in~
hopefully this drama will get me out of kdrama rut. ;)

kimdeyya said...

huuhuu Kim Soo Hyun (TT^TT)
I miss seeing you together with Suzy *okay ignore me*