16 April 2015

Rain wears a yellow ribbon to commemorate Sewol's 1st anniversary

tv Report - Naver: Rain wears a yellow ribbon at an award ceremony in China..."Remembers the 1st anniversay of Sewol tragedy"

1. [+622, -76] I have to manage myself well like that.. but I never seem to make it a habit

2. [+636, -150] Woah. So cool of him to do that. He looks handsome and has good proportions

3. [+495, -78] Congrats on your award. And I'm praying for the victims of the Sewol ferry

4. [+411, -124] He has a warm heart

5. [+127, -20] He made a big donation toward the Taean oil spill recovery but even that good deed got buried under his army scandal

6. [+114, -20] Why does he look so handsome? Daebak

7. [+97, -19] His looks and his heart are so gentle. Cheering for you

8. [+69, -9] Not a fan of Jung Ji Hoon but he looks so handsome with that hairstyle and in a suit..


Protagonist said...

I still love Rain despite the scandal. He's my first "idol" just can't get Rainism out of my mind.

muramurr said...

Thank you so much for such a fast translation!

muramurr said...

Rain has a heart of gold. last year when this tragady happend he had a
concert and couldn't cancel it, so he even cried on stage....

77Fluffs said...

Rain is so handsome indeed^^

sjfqm said...

Anyway,thanks for translation but your English translation of the first comment is a little bit strange.I don't get it well. I am not good at English. so I am not sure my translation is accurate.but the first one is a good comment in Korean when reading the comment. the first comment: "자기관리를 저렇게해야하는데.. 습관이 안만들어지내" -->

[Trans] " I have to manage myself like that(like Rain)( should manage oneself like that(Rain)....but I don't make it a habit."

KkulJaem꿀잼 said...

Thanks! The lack of pronouns makes it all ambiguous and confusing. I turned it into a negative-sounding comment. Yikes. I'll make a correction. Thanks again:)

greenblinka said...

Rain is really good person. It was a truly nice thing for him to do, I'm very touched. And just look at him... woah... *__*

any said...

Nice~ Is nice to read some good comments, he is a nice person and he deserve it~ :D
thanks for sharing~