3 April 2015

[Request] Jessica hangs out with Goo Hara and Kang Min Kyung

Dispatch - Nate: Blue jeans sisters...Jessica's friendship with Goo Hara and Kang Min Kyung

1. [+813, -183] These 3 who have the idiotic image among idols.. Why would you upload a photo to your SNS account of you reserving a room and drinking? If you're wise, aren't you already aware that uploading this kind of photo will just give you a better image???

2. [+618, -113] Kang Min Kyung is no different from the foolish character that she was in 1N2D when she brought makgeolli with her. She's hanging out with untrustworthy kids like Jessica and Goo Hara who can't sing, act and have no variety skills

3. [+69, -18] I'm a guy but I don't really like these three that much. They've all had plenty of plastic surgery but they're the type that are greedy for authority. Brainless kids

4. [+27, -7] It would've been daebak if a cigarette got captured

5. [+25, -5] Why does that foreigner keep coming out~

6. [+24, -8] Should've put those alcohol away. Sigh.... Don't you know that uploading drinking photos just worsens your image?

7. [+23, -6] Birds of the same feather flock together~

8. [+17, -22] These comments are going too far.. What crime did these 3 commit?..;; They all look pretty..

9. [+12, -10] I don't understand why you guys are hating them


♥aLin♥ said...

errr...arent they HUMAN too!!!! for god sake! am not so liking them too but the level of hate..tsk3

goldenmellow said...

Seriously so over the top. And it's freaking wine, not like there are trashy beer bottles all over the place. Looks like they had a nice time.

Yuri fan said...

hi! Can I request for you to translate the article where yuri confesses she's dated a younger man? Thank you so much for all yor translations!

도화 said...

I don't understand why so much hate wth? They're adults and they can drink and hang out, screw off knetizens. Besides don't you guys get drunk a lot? Hypocrites.

Uncut♬ said...

Admin, can i ask for angry mom article? Thankss