1 April 2015

Rumours of Clara's return reported to be groundless

X Sports News - Naver: Clara's side, "News of returning to her activities are groundless"

1. [+3707, -36] It's a relief to know that she has something called a common sense

2. [+2472, -120] Clara isn't deemed to be logical but for her to say that it's absurd to return to her activities shows that she has logic. What a relief.. And it's better for her to not make a return anyway

3. [+2124, -81] Okay, thanks. Let's not see each other again~

4. [+1733, -37] I knew it was an April Fools prank...

5. [+1177, -36] This article was released so quick? Did they pay you too?

6. [+159, -8] Clara: Reporter-nim, you don't like me, right?

7. [+136, -6] Ah, I just realized today is April Fool's day. Clara's day..

8. [+71, -3] Her rationality is long overdue


ann said...

[+1733, -37] I knew it was an April Fools prank...