5 April 2015

'School 2015' cast gathers for script reading

tv Report - Naver: "Rising stars" Kim So Hyun, Nam Joo Hyuk and Yook Sung Jae at 'Who Are You-School 2015' script reading 

1. [+871, -37] Will they be able to surpass Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin?

2. [+807, -17] I'm not worried for Kim Soo Hyun as she is a good actress but I hope the two male lead will show good acting

3. [+607, -24] Will this be a success?.........

4. [+454, -34] This really suits Kim So Hyun! Do well~

5. [+300, -44] Eye candiesㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ Will watch this one for sure!

6. [+107, -16] This will be like the 'Dream High 2'. There is a problem with the casting.

7. [+97, -27] Poor Kim So Hyun. What's up the casting of the male leads??

8. [+54, -10] Kim So Hyun is able to make viewers look forward to her dramas so I'm  excited for this one..

9. [+40, -2] I wish they would have a different theme this time and not one that solely focuses on school violence

10. [+51, -15] Yook Sung Jae's acting was good in 'Plus Nine Boys'~ Looking forward to him again^^ Nam Joo Hyuk, fighting

11. [+37, -6] Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin were too good....

12. [+26, -1] Please don't overdo the loveline this time. I hope they concentrate more on friendship


Lily said...

The problem with Dream High 2 was not the cast, it was the writing.

I hope this drama does well but I hope the writing is good enough for Kim So Hyun's talent.

ly said...

lol yeah I agree about DH, the script was terrible. I know the male leads are pretty green (esp NJH) but if the script is good the drama will do good. If not, I'll feel bad for KSH since she's really young and basically carrying this drama. Is it just me or shouldn't they have switched out the actors with Orange Marmalade with this drama?

kiyomi said...

people act like ljs and kwb are some sort of acting gods... i personally never understood the hype for school 2013 but i will watch this for sungjae #biased

Hessa said...

Same as a kwb fan I have to say his acting is good just good not breathtaking or anything like that but the cast for school 2013 was way better than this, first of all nam joohyuk is a rookie he isn't good enough to be acting as main character and kim soohyun is great but I don't like it when they put a minor with an adult it doesn't look good, korea has so many good teenage actors I hoped to see some of them being casted in this but instead they chose a model and an idol

JoyBells said...


wtf said...

because ljs and kwb have experience of acting before school 13.
and sungjae is idol, netizen hate idol do act plus became main lead.

nam joohyuk lack experience, just big agency = YGKplus.

whiteskyyyy said...

Netizens are just prejudiced. People who actually watched Yook Sungjae in Plus Nine Boys and Reply 14 (he was a cameo) left pretty good comments about him. He's not THAT inexperienced.

minjong21 said...

ljs And kwb were rookies back then,,and look how popular they are now. They are popular because of their acting skills not their looks,,
let's see what will happen to the 2 male leads,,

AB08 said...

looking forward to yooyoung, simply because i love her. hoping that this will be as enjoyable to watch as school 2013 was.