24 April 2015

Seo In Guk and Jang Nara confirmed as leads for 'I Remember You' + EXO's D.O. to make a special appearance

Dong A - Naver: Seo In Guk and Jang Nara confirmed for 'I Remember You' (formerly 'Hello Monster'

1. [+1649, -37] I'm so excited!!!

2. [+1566, -52] Seo In Guk is more suited with a career as an actor than as a singer

3. [+244, -12] Their chemistry will be daebak!! I really like them both so I'm anticipating this

4. [+209, -12] Seo In Guk has great chemistry with older female actresses. I'm looking forward to it:)

5. [+149, -7] I totally love the casting!~~

6. [+125, -13] It's from the writer of 'All About My Romance' and 'Protect The Boss', both of which I really enjoyed. I'll be trusting this drama to deliver the fun. The leads are Seo In Guk and Jang Nara so I'm really looking forward to it~~

7. [+59, -4] I think this will be better than 'Producer'

Dong A - Naver: EXO D.O. to make a special appearance in 'I Remember You'

1. [+1208, -131] Gotta watch it. So many likeable actors are in in

2. [+1171, -133] D.O. was really good in 'It's Okay, It's Love' and 'Cart'. If an idol likes him acts, it's totally acceptable

3. [+735, -103] D.O-ya~~ I'm always cheering for you because you always do your best!! I'm looking forward to 'I Remember You'. Actor D.O., fighting

4. [+73, -13] Lee Joon, Im Siwan, Park Hyung Shik, and D.O. are among the best acting-dols

5. [+43, -15] The two leads are both good at acting but I'm worried that he'll get hate if he doesn't do well


Hessa said...

I think calling d.o the best idol actor is an exaggeration he was fine in iotl but I believe it was because the role suited him, we still have to see more from him to judge, I'll look forward

bbbb said...

I wished Jang Nara dropped as soon as Seo Inguk is confirmed like Moon Geunyoung.

choconerd said...

Same. I find Seo Inguk's acting kinda bland. I was really excited when Lee Sang Yoon was being considered as the male lead. I just can't see JNR and SIG together. Theyre more like a dongsaeng-noona to me. Shouldve made Jang Hyuk instead. Im still not over my

Nesma Kazem said...

Me three

VipShak said...

watch his movie

uhnny said...

pfft. Was that Lee Jin Wook who got the offer first? Man, I wish he didn't refuse. He seemed to have a cute chemistry with Jang Na Ra. I just can't fathom this pairing. It looks so awkward to me. I love Seo In Guk but... damn.

Haeyoung said...

Yea I agree. This pairing is so weird when I picture it in my mind. So mehhh. I was hoping someone older got paired with JN, its like they didn't have a choice.

_엑소-L said...

I think he made a good decision to drop cuz he's gonna be the lead in The Time I Loved You. I think he is gonna have even more chemistry with Ha Ji Won.

yeoshinn said...

I can already imagine Lee Jinwook as the character based on the description they gave and I was really disappointed when he rejected the role T__T At least I'm still able to see him since he's in the remake of In time with you together with Ha Jiwon I guess

inthebag said...

But Lee Jin-wook's acting is kind of bleh.

Stormrox said...

I watched DO in its ok thats live abd tbh nope he still lacks a lot tbh

bbbb said...

Yes, he is living on the Reply 1997 hype. He is totally blend and has no improvement. His historical performance is total cringeworthy. Even Yunho shows improvrment in his latest drama