3 April 2015

Seolhyun receives praise for her hard work in 'Brave Family'

My Daily - Naver: 'Brave Family', Seolhyun the unstoppable 'salt pond machine' 

1. [+1524, -200] Seolhyun is really hardworking. She's an idol but she doesn't have a princess disease and always shows good manners toward her seniors.  However, when articles about her are released, there are so many commenters bashing her. It must be true that a woman's enemy is another woman

2. [+1140, -86] She works hard. She even cleaned up the poop and she's so adorable..

3. [+1023, -110] Seolhyun is keeping this show afloat

4. [+738, -72] Seriously charming!!!

5. [+153, -10] Seolhyun is really hardworking. On hot day like that, she barely got to rest and that kind of work is not easy for a woman. She didn't complain too. Amazing. I'd want to be as hardworking as that

6. [+156, -16] Frankly speaking, I think Seolhyun is the one who needs to be paid the most among the cast of this show

7. [+132, -14] Please don't take this show off airㅜㅜ  Let's go for a season 2 ㅜㅜ It's getting more fun 

8. [+105, -10] She got lots of criticisms in the beginning but I'm really glad that she proved them wrong.. When she was a student, she was diligent with her studies and has always been kind. I'm always cheering for Seolhyun

X Sports News - Naver

1. [+944, -141] Seolhyun is kind, hardworking and pretty~~

2. [+807, -70] Park Joo Mi's beauty is no joke. She's so pretty

3. [+744, -136] Seolhyun got so much hate in the beginning but it's nice to see her hardworking image. Fighting!!

4. [+147, -32] I like Seolhyun. AOA fighting! Myung Soo-hyung fighting!

5. [+109, -12] This show is really fun. I personally prefer it more than 'Three Meals a Day'.

6. [+96, -12] It's already the last episode. So sad to see it go

7. [+83, -5] Please get her on the show if you have a season 2


woooow said...

yess my baby... T-T you've work hard and prove them wrong... it's just fnshit is really bad at media play that you have to suffer like this.

Mars_in_blue said...

Aww finally a bunch of nice comments for Seolhyun =) Happy for her!

omoooo said...

yes season 2 please