7 April 2015

Seolhyun's still cuts for 'Orange Marmalade'

OSEN - Naver: Seolhyun shows her flower-like beauty while filming for 'Orange Marmalade' 

1. [+1537, -102] She's pretty. I hope her acting is good

2. [+1433, -147] She's supposed to be a vampire but  she has a dark skin..ㅠㅠ

3. [+1273, -34] Not feeling her as Baek Mari. I wish they cast someone who is pale and austere... The casting is already finalized so I doubt they'll get another one. Please use more powder on her face. Not really looking forward to this as it's from KBS

4. [+323, -32] I really enjoyed this webtoon. Why did they have to cast idols?.. Yeo Jin Goo doesn't suit the role and Seolhyun is pretty but it doesn't suit her either..

5. [+176, -14] Why do singers have to go into acting? Of course, I'm not totally against it but it still puzzles me how she got the lead role

6. [+390, -240] I thought Seolhyun's acting was fine in 'My Daughter, Seo Young'

7. [+125, -27] I remember that she acts quite well but they should've given this opportunity to a rookie actress..  It's not good to see idols getting free rides and lead roles

8. [+93, -29] Should've cast Park Bo Young instead


kiyomi said...

i read like 40 chapters of this webtoon and it's pretty... made me realised i'm maybe too old for high school shoujo stories. idk how they are going to make a logical drama out of it tho

Kwon Yuri's said...

No matter how I look at this, I still don't see how she's supposed to be Mari.

Kwon Yuri's said...

Same. I'm sure my 14 year old self would have loved it lol, but after a while the plot turned into some typical love triangle and I'm not feeling it :/

Lily said...

I agree, the role should have gone to a rookie actress. They work hard, show talent in acting and still struggle for roles while an idol with mediocre skills gets a free ride.

mia said...

excuse me seolhyun works hard too for her acting. and she did supporting roles before she got the lead on this drama

Nova_REMIX said...

Can I know where you can read manhwas? I've been searching everywhere and I can't find an outlet.

woooow said...

2. [+1433, -147] She's supposed to be a vampire but she has a dark skin..ㅠㅠ

that's because she's filming brave family sometimes ago

[+1537, -102] She's pretty.

yes she is :) :) :)

kiyomi said...

most of manga sites like mangafox have them :) i read orange marmalade on naver official site http://www.webtoons.com/en/

Nova_REMIX said...

I'm reading Orange Marmalade right now and I actually think Seol Hyun could fit the role. Ma Ri looks a lot like her so...yeah. It could work.

AB08 said...

2. [+1433, -147] She's supposed to be a vampire but she has a dark skin..ㅠㅠ

i bet she has a reflection in the mirror, loves garlic and can go out in the sun without any bad side effects. how despicable of the character to not be a stereotypical vampire.

Skylar said...

This is one of my favorite webtoons ever ever EVER!!!
Sorry but Seolhyun doesn't suit Baek Mari. At all. Mari has a kinda dark, sad and introvert aura. She doesn't need to be too pretty (because she's an outcast) but her aura is seriously important.
Yeo Jin Goo doesn't suit either. Jae Min is a hottie and extremely good-looking. It's not that YJG is ugly but he's not hot enough.
Anyways, I hope they do well :(