13 April 2015

Shinee's Onew a possible addition to 'Descended from the Sun'

Hankooki - Naver: Shinee's Onew cast in 'Descended from the Sun'.. Will this be his debut in a public broadcast drama? 

1. [+169, -5] Onew has good vocalization and pronunciation plus his acting is natural. I hope we'll hear good news soon

2. [+146, -1] I watched him in his sitcom and his acting was quite goodㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm looking forward to it~

3. [+122, -4] Congrats Onew oppa. Please confirm it

4. [+109, 0] Onew's acting is good. He has a honey voice too ㅠㅠ♡♡

5. [+36, -0] Yeongam Please be in this drama.  Please 

6. [+23, 0] Song Joong Ki and Onew are look-alikes. Is he perhaps cast as Song Joong Ki's brother??

MBN - Naver 

1. [+199, -13] Let Onew release a ballad just like Kyuhyun instead of pushing him into acting. He has a great voice but why doesn't SM ever give him the opportunity. He's probably all recovered from his throat surgery by now. Give him a solo album instead of acting. What a waste of his amazing voice.

2. [+158, -16]....? Give him a solo album instead. Why push him into acting?

3. [+125, -25] I like Song Joong Ki but I'm concerned for this drama because of Song Hye Kyo. Why cast an idol too..? ㅋㅋIt's Onew but still...

4. [+64, -13] Song Joong Ki and Onew!!

5. [+27, -1] I'd rather want Onew to have a solo album instead of a drama. SM and their greed for acting

6. [+21, -4] Give Onew a solo album ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. [+18, -8] And this is how another public broadcast drama fails...

8. [+27, -17] He has a great voice so as long as his acting is passable, it should be fine


girlsmeetU said...

Thank you for this article! Been waiting for this :"

Geez comments from naver always hateful, do you think SM won't give him a solo album if he accept this role?
SM will give him a solo album if he'd want to, and why did knetz always said something bad even the drama is still not starting :/

onew sunnydayhero said...

But this is really a great opportunity for onew.I hope he accepts. He can have his solo album too even if he acts here. Oppa fighting!

Protagonist said...

I will accept this if they're gonna play brothers/twins


Stormrox said...

Tbh i dnt see the resemblance

Junichyung said...

Yes, let this happen please!

anakita said...

Just grit your teeth and get through the bad comments for now.
Knetz always complain about drama castings if there's an idol in it and they'll blindly bash them. I'm up for any idol who has an interest in acting and gets offered a role to try their hand at it.
I always felt bad reading harsh comments for other idols venturing into acting, fans must go through a lot of worry too, I guess it's my turn too since its my bias up next in the acting world. 😛
Knetz are quick to judge negatively at first but later, if the idol is actually good at acting, then they'll sing praises. I hope it's true for Onew. Fingers crossed!

JoyBells said...

Finally going to see Onew after a while

rainoxide said...

between JoongKi and Onew? this might help :)


Tae1 said...

lol the fact that you made a comment like this and deleted your comment makes me laugh. Wishing to see Onew on drama makes us delusional lol OK..We will be delusional.

Tae1 said...

Please be confirmed. I want to see Onew in dramas. People that are complaining, can't you see that this is good opportunity for him. If this drama does good, Onew gets more public recognition. Public recognition is good for singers. That makes people download their songs on digital. Onew solo album will come out we just need to be patient.

Fitriyani Salamuddin said...

I'm looking forward to this.. Onew'so acting is really great in sukira n royal villa