9 April 2015

SNSD releases 'Catch Me If You Can' MV

OSEN - Naver: SNSD moves on with 8 members, tough unnis in 'Catch Me If You Can' 

1. [+969, -159] SNSD is doing just fine without Jessica

2. [+554, -137] Daebak. As expected from SNSD!!!

3. [+146, -45] I like that Soshi always has activities. Jjang jjang!!

4. [+149, -47] SNSD is back ㅠㅠFirst time as 8 members and I'm cheering for them even more!!!!!! Everyone looks so pretty ㅠㅠ

5. [+143, -54] I really like the song. Yoona got more parts this time

6. [+95, -21] SNSD forever

7. [+96, -23] I like the song. The melody is quite addictive

8. [+92, -21] The concept is jjang good. As expected from SNSD!!

9. [+108, -38] Heol. The song is daebak

10. [+91, -24] SNSD has passed that level in which they need to follow other trends

11. [+47, -4] SNSD has non-title tracks that are better than the title onesㅠㅠ But that's how SM singers set it up


shiksoo said...

finally even though not korean promotion but still love it. the girls slay it

tiffanny loveley said...

my lovely girls for ever tiffany fighting :)

Barry said...

If you feel the need to mention Jessica and how well they are supposedly doing without her, you sound horribly insecure lmao.