22 April 2015

[Spoilers] Angry Mom Ep 11+12, TGWSS Ep 7+8, Unkind Women Ep 17+18

Thursday, Apr 23 Ratings (Nielsen Korea) 
1. Unkind Women- 12.4%
2. The Girl Who Sees Smells- 8.3%
3. Angry Mom - 7.4%

Angry Mom Ep 12 

Newsen - Nate: 'Angry Mom', Oh Yoo Na betrays Kim Hee Sun again... In shock after her identity gets exposed

1. [+421, -5] The restored phone that Ahn Dong Chil has is the only remaining hope ㅜㅜ

2. [+373, -6] Wow. I trusted you Ae Yeon-ah. A traitor until the end... Sigh

3. [+345, -6] I threw the remote because I was so angry ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

4. [+65, 0] What did Gong Joo and Ahn Dong Chil talk about? Makes me so curious

5. [+42, 0] And in that dramatic moment, I'm pretty sure Ahn Dong Chil will suddenly jump in  and help them ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+38, -1] I got so furious;;;;; On a lighter note, Baro was so cute while sipping his strawberry milk

7. [+27, 0] Joo Ae Yeon, that wench.. But am I weird for viewing Ahn Dong Chil positively seeing as how he wants to send Kang Ja and Ah Ran abroad? I also thought he would be a threat to Bok Dong after he left him but only said "Answer your phone" and only have that feeling of disappointment. I need him to join hands with Kang Ja and help her. I'm also really curious what he and Gong Joo talked about!

The Girl Who Sees Smells Ep 8

Newsen - Nate: 'TGWSS', Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung confirm their feelings in their first kiss 

1. [+322, -7] Cho Rim, don't go to the chef and tell him "I know this taste"ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. [+205, -6] They're seriously so sweet ㅜㅜMade my heart beat so fast. But I get so creeped out every time Namgoong Min comes out ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+39, 0] Choi Mu Gak's senses are slowly coming back

Osen - Naver: TGWSS is 2nd place and achieves best ratings so far 

1. [+1174, -62] Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung make such an adorable couple ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+1014, -47] The ratings are rising because it's so fun

3. [+811, -46] The kiss was really heart-fluttering ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+156, -5] As deserved. People watch it because of the fun romance + suspenseful thriller + the cast's daebak actingㅋㅋㅋ

Unkind Women Ep 18

Star News - Naver: 'Unkind Women' Lee Mi Do tries to seduce Park Hyuk Kwon while she pretends to be drunk 

1. [+407, -2] She needs to get a taste of Kim Hye Ja's kick. Secretary Park, this nut case.

2. [+196, -3] She's so scary! The two most unkind women in the show, Secretary Park and Na Mal Yeon

3. [+141, -6] They need to fire her. She's the one that deserves to be pushed off the train

4. [+101, -1] Wow.... The class of this drama's antagonists.. They're so realistic

5. [+88, 0] She's nastier than Na Mal Yeon~~~ So scary!!

6. [+89, -2] She reminds me of those people who comb through people's desks on public holidays. What a dirty wench. I hate women like her. Her acting is so good!

7. [+30, -1] Jang Mi Hee will probably come back to tell her offㅋㅋㅋㅋ All these great actresses in one drama! I'm loving it!

Wednesday, Apr 22 Ratings (Nielsen Korea)
1. Unkind Women - 12.1 %
2. The Girl Who Sees Smells - 8.1 %
3. Angry Mom - 7.6 % 

Angry Mom Ep 11

My Daily - Naver: "Don't cry, Bok Dong-ah"... Ji Soo, the boy who loved an ahjumma 

1. [+667, -4] Bok Dok was  an innocent cutie in last night's episode!! Ji Soo is such a good actor. His chemistry with Kim Hee Sun is daebak

2. [+506, -3] Bok Dong is so adorable

3. [+95, -1] Our Bok Dong. A star is born

4. [+88, -1] Please give Bok Dong more scenes. What a charming actor. Why did I realize that just now?

5. [+60, 0] The Bok Dong - Bang Wool pairing is god's work ㅋㅋThey make my heart flutter

6. [+62, -3] They match so well. If only we don't discriminate based on age.. I don't see Ji Soo as a student but a manly young man

7. [+46, -2] But why do I feel like Bok Dong is  more drawn to Jo Kang Ja's motherly affection  instead of considering her as a love interest?  Before people get too deep into it, I wish the writer would wrap up the relationship. Bok Dong-ah, be happy

The Girl Who Sees Smells Ep 7

OSEN - Naver: 'The Girl Who Sees Smells', Nam Goong Min's goosebump-inducing psychopath acting

1. [+699, -15] We were already aware that he's evil even before he killed the doctor... But if he gets rid of Mugak too...

2. [+558, -10] I think I need to read the book 'The Golden Fish'. What's gonna happen to Officer Choi?

3. [+502, -9] TGWSS is a great drama made up with so many different genres

4. [+127, -1] What could the 'a golden fish must meet a lonely man' mean?

5. [+123, -10] He's as scary as Lee Jae Kyung in 'You Who Came from the Stars. Goosebumps.

6. [+105, -2] He's so good at acting even with that handsome face. Namgoong Min hyung is amazing

7. [+103, -1] The alibi though. It was cleverly done

Unkind Women Ep 7

KBS Media - Naver: [Video] Do Ji Won to Son Chang Min, "Would you like to have ramyun at my place?"

1. [+588, -21] I swear this couple is more romantic than Song Jae Rim and Lee Hana

2. [+475, -5] I was so shocked when I found out that Do Ji Won is 50 years old.. What's more shocking is that she's 1 year older than Na Mal Yeon (Seo Yi Sook).......

3. [+201, -2] If Son Chang Min lose a bit more weight, he'd give that Hugh Grant vibe. He could be the Korean version of Hugh Grant~

4. [+174, -5] How can she be 50 years old with that face? ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

5. [+81, -9] She reminds me so much of Kim Sae Ron. They look so much alike

6. [+48, -4] I would believe if you say she's in her 30s. She's so beautiful for a 50-year old

7. [+42, -1] Kim Hee Ae and Kim Sung Ryung as well. They just never age and are all gorgeous. Do Ji Won used to be a ballerina that's why she seems so graceful


Alisson said...

Kim Heesun's Angry Mom rating is not as good his last drama on KBS, but I think she suit this drama the most. Not because she acts as a mother, really.

Haeyoung said...

TGWSS is soooooo awesome, gives me goosebumps. So true, Jaehee creeps me out almost as much as Jaekyung (in YFAS). Almost. I'm sure by the end of it, they can both be brothers in the mental institution. Crazy psychopaths and brilliantly acted!

surfinthesasslife said...

I almost wanted to give up on unkind women but after ep 8,that's where everything became more exciting. Now I'm enjoying all 3 dramas in the same time slot, which is very rare. Bok dong was in almost every scene in ep 17,I'm so appreciative of that. Last but not least, NGM as a psycho is so believable.

Kpoptown said...

TGWSS is just so awesome.. every casting is so spot on! Good show, good actors!

Skylar said...

5. [+123, -10] He's as scary as Lee Jae Kyung in 'You Who Came from the Stars. Goosebumps.
Nononono, Nam Gong Min is much scarier. He killed 6 people (and 7 if you count Choi Moo Gak) and he did the murder by himself, while Jae Kyung had his assistant do that for him.
But why the heck do I always feel Korean psychopaths soooooo HOT?????!!!!! Not joking!! Nam Gong Min, the actor who played Jae Kyung (sorry cannot remember his name) and Lee Joon too!!! They're all hotties........... At this rate, prison in Korea must look like a flower garden eh?? Lol

Joy said...

I'M FRIGGIN IN LOVE WITH GO BOK DONG! But I kind of agree with Netizen #7. He could just be attracted with KangJa for her motherly affections since (I'm assuming) he didn't grow up with one. Our Bok Dong deserves to be happy. But please don't wreck a family. :3

luna326 said...

She's not 50!!!! WHAT????? She looks like she's in her early 30s.

lyra2015 said...

KKuljaem, the rating for TGWSS ep 8 supposed to 8.3% not 8.1%

source: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/91684/ratings-thurs-042315-girl-who-sees-smells-stays-grounded-in-second

KkulJaem꿀잼 said...

Thanks! It's fixed.

noNama said...

The best part is the way they portray their characters are totally different. Which goes to show the importance of having good actors in a show ha!