29 April 2015

[Spoilers] Angry Mom Ep 13+14, TGWSS Ep 9+10, Unkind Women Ep 19+20

Thursday, Apr 30 ratings
1. Unkind Women - 11.2%
2. The Girl Who Sees Smells - 8.0%
3. Angry Mom - 6.9%

Angry Mom Ep 14

Star News- Naver: 'Angry Mom' Kim Hee Sun grieves for her husband's death 

1. [+1061, -5] Ah seriously... Ah Ran's dad... So unfortunate.. I cried so hard..

2. [+949, -13] I was crying so hard during this sceneㅠㅠ It reminded me of the Sewol tragedy..

3. [+871, -5] Ah Ran's dad was the most pitiful. He stayed there in order to save the kids

4. [+277, -3] They showed a montage of the students and then when they showed Ah Ran's dad, my tears couldn't stop.. This reminded me of the  Sewol tragedy.. He sacrificed himself to save his daughter and the students

5. [+200, 0] The best one in this drama isn't Bok Dong but Ah Ran's dad.. He knows his wife is troublesome but accepted her and Ah Ran. In the end, he sacrificed his life for them ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+102, -2] Our country is a scary place;; This drama is truly a masterpiece. Please don't become someone like Chairman Hong or President Lee. Let us protect our citizens.

7. [90, 0] "Wait for 3 more years" ㅠㅠㅠHe was really a kind husband and dad. Such a tragic fate.. I was so moved when he wrote 'kirogi appaㅠㅠㅠ

The Girl Who Sees Smells Ep 10 

My Daily - Naver: 'TGWSS', Does Park Yoo Chun feels his senses through Shin Se Kyung's kiss? 'It's tingly' 

1. [+2609, -34] Ah so sweetㅠㅠ  Park Yoo Chun is good with his cunning acting ㅋㅋ

2. [+2002, -24] Kyaa. This couple is really adorable ㅠㅠWhen they kissed ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+1680, -22] Cho Rim's memories are coming back and Mu Gak's senses are also coming back

4. [+278, -4] Cho Rim's friend in the past isn't any help at all. If she keeps calling her 'Eun Sol', she'll just get her killed..

5. [+248, -5] I got goosebumps when he suddenly called her 'Cho Rim-ssi'.... I anticipated another twist and as expected from the writer.. So, Namgoong Min didn't know what's in the letter after all?

6. [+185, -4] This drama is getting scarier.. They did a great job casting Namgoong Min

7. [+148, -3] What's happening with the ratings? 8% when this drama deserves 20%

Unkind Women Ep 20 

Osen - Naver: 'Unkind Women' Will Chae Shi Ra's awakening recover Kim Hye Ja's tarnished reputation? 

1. [+1410, -15] Such an enjoyable drama and it's unfortunate to know that there's only 4 episodes left. It's not lacking in acting talent nor the story. It's like reading a book that you can't turn the page because it's too precious

2. [+1205, -10] Please don't spare Na Mal Yeon this time and get your revenge. Also, make Secretary Park pay for her wrongdoings~~~~!!!!!! I'm loving how they titled this drama 'Unkind Women'~~~!!!

3. [+769, -16] Her aura in that last scene.  Chae Shi Ra has kept her fierceness through time

4. [+339, -5] Writer-nim, please write another drama but for KBS 8pm timeslot this time. I'm pretty sure it will get 50% in ratings~~~ 4 episodes left. So sad

5. [+197, -6] At first, Chae Shi Ra's curly hair matched her irritating character and didn't really bring out her beautiful face. But as time passed, her character changed and so did her hairstyle that truly shows her beauty~^^

6. [+135, -6] The best drama I've seen in such a long time.. This writer and the talented cast are the best

7. [+111, -1] Death note Im Sung Han, are you watching? This is what you call a drama~

Note: I made a translation mistake yesterday for Unkind Women Ep 19. It should be pregnancy plot not amnesia plot for #1.

Wednesday,  Apr 29 ratings
1. Unkind Women - 11.4 % 
2. Angry Mom - 7.5 % 
3. The Girl Who Sees Smells - 6.8%

Angry Mom Ep 13

Newsen - Nate: 'Angry Mom' Kim Hee Sun's past murder incident exposed, Get's thrown with eggs at 

1. [+264, -4] Go Bok Dong was so cool again today. He was waiting outside the police station. So much better than the husband!

2. [+261, -5] It's a special episode for Ahn Dong Chil, Bok Dong and Hong Sang Tae... All of them were  awesome today

3. [+40, 0] Felt so good when Jo Kang Ja hit Joo Ae Yeon's head

Osen - Naver: 

4. [+617, -9] I ship Sang Tae and Ah Ran ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+104, -3] Kim So Hyun for Mondays and Tuesdays and Kim Yoo Jung for Wednesdays and Thursdays. I never knew a day like this would come ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+85, 0] Such a sad reality. You won't find a parent like her. Every one should have a courage to take a stand. It's the painful reality that we're facing.. This is why we need a reform

6. [+54, 0] The dark knights Bok Dong and Sang Tae are so cool. Dong Chil too. I'm loving Ji Soo, Baro and Kim Hee Won

The Girl Who Sees Smells Ep 9

My Daily - Nate: 'TGWSS' Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung end their ambiguous relationship, "They are now a couple" 

1. [+325, -6] It's so scary every time Namgoong Min appears..

2. [+310, -12] First drama I know that has impressive mildang skills ('push pull'). It's scary and then it's sweet. One moment it's tension-filled and then it's ticklish. Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung have daebak chemistry. With Namgoong Min's innocent face, you'd never expect he'd nail his evil role. And Yoon Jin Seo is becoming more charismatic. This drama is really fun as the 4 leads have their own unique charms~~~^^

3. [+228, -6] I've been waiting for articles to be released. Today, Shin Se Kyung's messy bun and the confrontation with Namgoong Min was daebak

4. [+37, 0] Is it time for Officer Choi to find out that his sister was murdered instead of Oh Cho Rim?.... Anyway, casting Namgoong Min in this drama is truly god's work

5. [+26, -1] Chef Kwon is really clever. I was thinking that he wouldn't be caught too easily and as expected........ So jjang... If he finds out later on that Oh Cho Rim is Choi Eun Sol ... But Choi Mu Gak is trying to save her from him

6. [+18, 0] It's so fun~ It's so hard to wait for tomorrow

7. [+11, -1] I'm pretty sure there's a spy in the police station

Unkind Women Ep 19 

KBS Media - Naver: [Video] 'Unkind Women', Song Jae Rim to Lee Hana "Would you like to spend the night here?' 

1. [+906, -20] Writer-nim, please don't pull the pregnancy plot.. It would be so childish

2. [+586, -27] Will they end up together...? Roo Oh's character has become so vague

3. [+454, -14] I think this couple won't end up because of Na Mal Yeon. Is Roo Oh's father the PE teacher? He's athletic

4. [+138, -12] Writer-nim, as much as I like the story of the older characters, please take care of the MaRoo couple too. Their story is getting lost in the mountains

5. [+124, -47] Lee Roo Oh is getting more unpleasant. He's immature and is thoughtless. Lee Doo Jin is better..

6. [+109, -15] They're only step-brothers but it would be so weird if Mari dates Doo Jin after breaking up with Roo Oh

7. [+106, -56] I want her to end up with Lee Doo Jin


Yenzbeat said...

Ive been waiting for tgwss article
One my fave drma

lyra2015 said...

tgwss starts to be draggy

noNama said...

I like Doo Jin better too. Such a gentleman.

linekaw said...

is baro's acting good this time?idk why ppl hated his acting before i didnt see anything wrong with it but again im no expert, so unbiased opinion pls?

ann said...

Aren't The Girl Who Sees Smells they called popular??? But, why the rating in third place???

TheSandGirl said...

I absolutely love it! I cannot wait to watch the next episode!!! Chun's last present to us before enlisting T_T
Thank you, Chun-Ah <3


Prrttt said...

it's second again in ep 10

Prrttt said...

TGWSS is my jam!

ann said...

but, I remember about a article called them "the popular drama"

Mentis said...

It's probably a demographics thing. TGWSS has really high internet ratings since the younger population probably streams it/watches it online, whereas shows like Unkind Women appeal more to the older population who still watch their shows on television.

choconerd said...

You mean this article. It's talking about tgwss' popularity abroad.

Of course the drama is also receiving lots of love in Korea judging by the comments but ratings aren't everything these days as more and more people tend to watch dramas online. Some viewers choose one drama to watch as these 3 dramas are on the same timeslots and then they can just watch the other dramas online. I can see why Unkind Women is currently on top because it caters to a wider demographic base while tgwss appeals more to teenagers and to those in their 20s/30s

choconerd said...

yay. 'almost' comment twin

choconerd said...

Yes! I'm loving Baro in this drama and he has great chemistry with Kim Yoo Jung. His satoori in Reply 1994 was such a turn off imo and his pabo character in God's Gift didn't fully showcase his acting . But this time, he found a role that really suits him.

Skylar said...

7. [+148, -3] What's happening with the ratings? 8% when this drama deserves 20%
Blame hyde jekyll me :(

ann said...

Maybe, I forget which article..
are they famous in abroad because of the male lead?

Eon099 said...

Angry Mom is seriously great, ep 14 tho ;___;
Every character is complex and the story blend dark element and comedy right
Only 2 episodes left, I'm soo ready

Eon099 said...

one of K-drama weakness unfortunately

Kpoptown said...

These day 10% is considered HIGH. To think TGWSS is doing around 6-8.3%, I think they're doing fine. For abroad popularity I think mostly bcos of the male lead, Park Yoochun, because he's a hallyu star & singer.

But TGWSS does have really high Internet ratings, always around 22-25% while 'Unkind Women' internet ratings only around 4-6%. TGWSS viewers are mostly younger people who watch it by online streaming.

linekaw said...

YEY! i knew it! i assumed his acting was good since i watch tried to walk MV lol, his acting really moved me

ann said...

I think internet rating also because Park Yoochun...
But, isn't the female lead usually had that ratings in her drama?

h8her said...

how abt the online rating for Angry Mom?