29 April 2015

[Spoilers] Grapevine Ep 19+20 , Hwajung Ep 5+6, School Ep 1+2, Let's Eat Ep 7+8

Tuesday, Apr 28 ratings
1. Grapevine - 12.2%
2. Hwajung - 10.9% 
3. School - 4.2 %

Let's Eat - 2.2% 

Heard it Through the Grapevine Ep 20

SBS fun E- Naver: 'Grapevine' Yoo Ho Jung throws ice at Baek Ji Yeon 

1. [+2623, -140] Only the earlier episodes were refreshing and the rest is just a black hole. The essence of black comedy has disappeared and they're totally dragging all the nuisance stuff

2. [+2446, -95] The plot is getting lost in the mountains

3. [+473, -28] It's getting dull and boring.. I used to be so excited for Mondays

4. [+314, -17] The plot is getting lost in the mountains.. The uncle and Min Joo Young should just stop coming out. And why are the kids so rude? They're living just fine with that wealth but they such hypocrites

5. [+150, -2] Ji Young Ra and her daughter are disgusting; What are they doing to those married men?

6. [+113, -9] I like Yoo Ho Jung's character the most. The rest are just so-so, especially Seo Bom

Hwajung (Splendid Politics) Ep 6

Osen - Naver: 'Hwajung' Cha Seung Won finds out that Park Young Gyu had been poisoined, 'Shock' 

1. [+862, -32] I feel bad for the actors.. This is turning into another mbcshit sageuk

2. [+599, -22] Cha Seung Won's eyes are so expressive. They really show Gwanghae's sadness

3. [+585, -34] Just saw the preview and I'm worried that the child actors are better than their adult counterparts

4. [+168, -15] The smell of failure as Lee Yeon Hee recites her lines... She was just shown for a few seconds but my anticipation dropped already

5. [+153, -9] I'm appalled.. Does it make sense that the princess is sold as slave??? Well, this is just a fiction anyway...

6. [+103, -7] Aigoo ya! This drama is a fail.. I feel bad for Cha Seung Won

Let's Eat Ep 8

Star News - Naver: 'Let's Eat 2' Seo Hyun Jin and Kwon Yool's heart-flutter story over meokbang 

1. [+1537, -14] More heart-fluttering today than yesterday ㅎㅎ

2. [+1395, -14] Treat me well as we date ♡♡♡♡♡

3. [+880, -70] As long as he's not gay

4. [+179, -2] My heart ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠIn preview, it seems like Goo Dae Young  is starting to fall for Seo Hyun Jin

5. [+148, -3] Season 2 is so fun. It's my vitamin during the weary Mondays

6. [+143, -8] This drama is so good. But she'll eventually choose Goo Dae Young, right? In Season 1, Soo Kyung ended up with Goo Dae Young not with Shim Hyung Tak

7. [+108, -4] Officer-nim, please swear more! It's so funny when you swear ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

School 2015 Ep 2 

Ilgan Sports - Naver: 'Who Are You' Subjects of chaebols, drinking and bullying in Episode 2 

1. [+726, -10] Don't know if those girls who bully Eunbi are good at acting or not but I wanna smack them so bad

2. [+487, -8] Where did Go Eun Byeol go? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+418, -23] Is it really like this in real life nowadays? It makes me worried. Apart from anything else, those 3 female bullies need to get smacked

4. [+77, -7] I don't mind the cast but I'm quite annoyed at how they're made this too unrealistic

5. [+66, -13] It's more fun than I thought

6. [+60, -13] Yook Sung Jae is so cute... ㅋㅋ

7. [+51, -7] You won't find these in high school these days so why is the plot so exaggerated??? I don't understand

Monday, Apr 27 ratings
1. Grapevine - 11.1 % 
2. Hwajung - 9.9 % 
3.  School - 3.8 %

Let's Eat - 1.6 

Heard it Through the Grapevine Ep 19

Osen - Naver: Grapevine, Yoo Jun Sang on Yoo Ho Jung and Baek Ji Yeon's meeting, "This is a nightmare" 

1. [+1368, -11] Yoo Ho Jung is getting scarier... She's a more formidable enemy than I expected!

2. [+1165, -29] Han Jung Hoo couldn't do anything properly and just puts the blame on others which is so unlike himself... But this is what's so entertaining about this show. Today's scenes with Yoo Ho Jung and Go Ah Sung were memorable... And the way they film the scenes is amazingㅠㅠ I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's episode!!

3. [+110, -2] This drama has gotten less interesting. One hour used to go by so fast in the earlier episodes.. But anyway, Ji Young Ra is just shameless. She must be a really good actress because I just hate her guts

4. [+102, - 3] I'm still enjoying it but I admit that it's getting boring because they're dragging the plot with the childish affair parts. Ever since that, I haven't been watching the broadcast. Writer-nim, I'll let it slide so please make it fun again~~~! Just some friendly words from  a fan

5. [+89, -12] Please end the affair plot already... I'm a bit disappointed. It has gotten boring

6. [+77, -5] Ji Young Ra and her daughter are weird

7. [+66, -6] I laughed so hard when Han Jung Ho said, "Why is everyone doing this to me?" ㅋㅋㅋ

Hwajung (Splendid Politics) Ep 5

tv Report - Naver: 'Hwajung' Cha Seung Won, in shock and confusion toward the anonymous letter that threatens the throne 

1. [+166, -13] This drama is fun but there's something boring about it

2. [+113, -18] I watch this for the cast's acting but I don't like the scenes with the child actors. Not as thrilling as episodes 1-2

3. [+69, -4] I think the lead character is Princess Jung Myeong but in my heart is cheering for Cha Seung Won's character GwangHae

4. [+50, -6] Cha Seung Won's acting isn't lacking. He's just awesome

5. [+47, -5] Became less interesting ever since they pushed the story toward the princess.. I hope Gwanghae becomes the focus just like in the first 2 episodes

6. [+41, -4] It's so fun

Let's Eat Ep 7

tv Report - Naver: 'Let's Eat 2' Kwon Yool's foul-mouthed nature gets revealed in front of Seo Hyun Jin 

1. [+1889, -177] But I ship her and Dae Young more.

2. [+1185, -34] I freaking love Seo Hyun Jin

3. [199, -9] Joo Seung could be a criminal. He gives off that psychopath vibe

4. [+162, -3] All the characters are so adorableㅠㅠ I always smile when I watch it

5. [+140, -5] I wish more people would watch this drama. I find Season 2 more enjoyable than Season  1

6. [+194, -60] I thought I was gonna die from embarassment because that boobs exposure was shown for too long. I was watching it with my family.  Writer-nim, please exercise some self-control

7. [+139, -8] Heo Ga Yoon's role is so detestable ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋAnd her acting isn't that great too ㅠㅠ

School 2015 Ep 1

KBS Media - Naver: 'Who Are You'  Kim So Hyun's first appearance as an outcast! Gets showered with eggs+flour+fish sauce 

1. [+2921, -30] Kids nowadays don't do that. Do one that matches with this time period

2. [+2365, -39] The plot is too unrealistic..

3. [+805, -57] She's so pretty...

4. [+64, -6] Who bullies like that?.. The writer is stuck in the '90s

5. [+57, -5] Goo Hye Sun already did that 7 years ago ㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+38, -1] This drama has no development... Kids these days bully each other on sns


goldenmellow said...

So nothing good on Monday and Tuesday it seems

.... said...

the bullying may be a bit outdated and maybe it's just me who hasn't watched a drama in a long while, but i like where school 2015 is going :/

choconerd said...

I agree with knetz. Hittg has become so dull ever since they added the affair plot. However, i'm loving let's eat despite making me hungry when i watch it

noNama said...

I put Hwajung on hold. Can't seem to get past episode 3 for the time being. :/

noNama said...

True that. Now, Wednesday & Thursday slot is another story.

choconerd said...

Wed and Thurs bring in the good stuff. Angry Mom, TGWSS and Unkind Women

bogaerde said...

Keeping up with School 2015 now for my bae Kim So Hyun and I gotta say, yes they need to deliver about SNS bullying too. If the similar bullying acts they show in the first 2 eps keep appearing or keep revolving around it, that will be quiet a meh.

bogaerde said...

Dull? God damn, I should have waited for it until it ends before downloading it. But it has been 3/4 way through so let it be, I guess.

monkeybee said...

I miss my Shine or Go Crazy on Mon-Tues. The only good drama so far on that slot....

Lily said...

Yeah I hope they end the affair plot soon, it dragged on too much already. Shame because the drama was excellent before.

yeoshinn said...

So glad for let's eat2 for breaking the record. It's been awhile since a mon/tues drama broke the 2% record on tvn. The latest episode was so good TT

leila_dimples said...

Yes yes. I just miss JH and OYS couple so much

mycutybee said...

Oh nooo....Shine or Go Crazy was my jam, i feel so empty now.
Hwajung isn't that good. Although CSW is one of my fave, Lee Yeon Hee acting is just not up to par and it's boring.

pinkbutterfly said...

They should have made it longer. The ending was a rush.

smileyhoney said...

Grapevine was just boring.
The drama is too long. Sick of Joon's acting and the affair story. Yawn!

Hwajung is a let down too. Why cast lee yeon hee? That girl can't act. I was expecting another good saeguk after SOGC since Hwajung has star studded casts but it's boriiing.

School 2013 was awesome an realistic but this one is just too complicated. What's the difference with angry mom? The only good thing is that it has better acting than Blood

bbbb said...

Poop Sungjae's acting is so poop.

Guest said...

I'm actually enjoying Grapevine quite a bit. I don't get how it's boring, it's actually quite funny. Maybe it's just not your style?

tomoe said...

HITTG shouldn't too focus on the affair plot. its getting boring and boring and lose its brilliant written in the earlier eps. hope the writer do something before the rating flopped and viewers start to leave.

The Songs said...

[+47, -5] Became less interesting ever since they pushed the story toward the princess.. I hope Gwanghae becomes the focus just like in the first 2 episodes


I skip the Princess scene, it's so fucking boring. Gwanghae's story more interesting!!!