2 April 2015

[Spoilers] Ho Goo's Love Ep 16 (FINALE)

X Sports News- Naver: 'Ho Goo's Love', MermaidSquid get their happy ending 

1. [+1202, -6] It makes me sad to see this drama go but I'm glad that it ended happily~You've all worked hard^^

2. [+945, -15] Heol... It's overㅠㅠ The UEE- Choi Woo Shik couple was the sweetest 

3. [+754, -16] So what happened to Noh Woo Kyung???????? The ending is lacking something

4. [+533, -13] Great work to the cast and production staff ㅜㅜThank you for making a good drama!!!

5. [+502, -8] This drama was really fun!

6. [+97, -2] I wish there's a season 2~~ I'm still a bit tied up with the ending so if they make a season 2, I hope they keep the same cast~~

7. [+94, -5] Why didn't that rapist end up in prison? I thought they would include that in the ending.

8. [+67, -2] This drama was fun and touching as well. It made me laugh and cry

9. [+62, -1] Ho Goo's leg acting is truly unforgettable

10. [+62, -2] Thank you for this amazing drama

11. [+53, -2] This drama is really fun.  It covered a lot of sensitive topics but they were really enjoyable to watch. The ending is heartwarming and the OST is so pleasant to listen too.. Seems like this drama is gonna linger for a while

12. [+44, -3] Choi Woo Shik scored his perfect role. UEE too was really good... And Im Seulong was so funnyㅋㅋㅋ

13. [+43, -3] Another ingenious drama from tvN. The public channels need to learn from them

14. [+42, -2] Choi Woo Shik will make it big someday. He's an actor that shows great potential


IAmNotJapanese said...

Yassss! I think ho-gu's leg breaking like a jello will never be forgotten. It was hilarious i thought i was gonna die laughing. I replayed it so many times lmao

jungkooknoona said...


jungkooknoona said...

Oh noooooo
I read the spoiler;_;

JoyBells said...

Firstly,thank you so much,i had requested for this. :)

Now about the drama.I really enjoyed this drama a lot a big factor for that were the lead-UEE and Choi woo shik and to an extend the rest of the cast except for Ho-Kyung (i still find her annoying,sorry).If we look at the overall plot,there was not much to say,not much story movement but this drama was more about the characters and how they grew as individuals. Even Bang hyun-chul whom i hated for his sexist remarks underwent a huge change and its wasn't sudden or jarring.

As for the ending,i loved it. Although Noh Woo Kyung not going to jail made me mad,but i okay to an extent because i know Do-hee didnt withdraw back and she continues to fight (they say she re-appealed in the news right?!) even as the drama ends.

The only tiny thing nagging me is-Who send Byun kang-chul the text the night Do-Hee was about to give birth about a new family member being added?